John McKinnonSenior Antenna Engineer

John has over 40 years experience in Microwave and antenna design, beginning his career on military projects for Decca, Plessey, EMI, STC and later Nortel, with expertise in Radar, Rapier, Airfield and Marine Radar.

Having designed a $7 Fixed Wireless Access octagonal Patch antenna, his expertise encompasses the whole process from mechanical design and mounting to alignment methods and injection moulding for optimum cost production.

At Piping Hot Networks he designed a $15 Patch 3.5 GHz Antenna with a 20% bandwidth, having designed and constructed an Anechoic chamber to measure the Antennas Polar Diagram.

At Syntech he designed a Satellite Antenna that outperformed a JRC design, the whole system cost $100 rather than $300 from JRC. This enabled Satamatics (now Honywell) to aggressively enter the market.

John has submitted 25 patents and is presently working on another three, plus two for Dashboard.

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