Nick SearchDirector of Business Development - Europe/US

    Nick has always been in Sales and Business Development, beginning his career 39 years ago in the global shipping world followed by publishing management for offshore & process industry magazines, specialist offshore industry maps and vessel registers.

    He then progressed into the field of high value strategic data and analytics within the offshore oil & gas sector as Senior Vice President & Partner of a leading Houston-headquartered consultant analyst (now part of Wood McKenzie), working with global majors including many well-known Oil & Gas Operators, Banks/Financiers and Engineering/Marine Contractors, honing in with them on the busy production-focused areas of the offshore world such as drilling, floating production, subsea and pipeline/flowline developments.

    For the past 4 years, Nick has been an independent consultant continuing to manage this network of premier global clients in the offshore world but also expanding into renewable energy, refining and petrochem, all of which we believe will further accelerate the continued growth of Dashboard.

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