Roger GreenElectrical Engineer

Roger began his career at Philips in Cambridge as a test engineer leading to a Honours degree (2:1) in electronic engineering.

He worked for Racal Research in Reading on a variety of projects including security devices based on seismic detection for Chubb, hardware/software ASIC emulation including high end DSP processing for a Racal Recorders commercial product and optimising GPS algorithms to improve accuracy – this was at a time when commercial GPS signals were purposely dithered.

He continued to work on GPS at Nortel for a brief time before moving to their fixed wireless access project where he worked initially as a software engineer on both the basestation and residential units. Becoming team leader he was instrumental in the handover of technology from a number of Cambridge based companies.

Forming his own company he continued with the development of the Nortel software for a key customer in South America, he also worked on smaller projects for Viglen computers and Spirent.

Also he worked on water conservation / flow control measurement products, low energy LED systems for plants in government laboratories. Ku band satellite phased array system – both the controlling logic (hardware/software) and the ASIC emulation in FPGA and utility electricity metering (with 2 products in production – with MID approvals).

Currently he provides a complete solution from conception to production including specifications, schematic capture, PCB layout, post production debugging, firmware (specific hardware based) and software.

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