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Grey, blue and green hydrogen...

The release of the UK’s Hydrogen strategy has created a lot of conversation from a variety of media platforms and spurred a noticeable number of announcements and interesting articles from pipeline operators.

Dashboard’s long-term commitment to LGBTQ+: A celebration in allyship for LGBT+ Month

Pride Month is celebrated each year in June, honouring the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. The month holds significance; it commemorates the rise of the gay rights movement following the 1969 Stonewall uprising in New York City – a galvanising moment that took place at Stonewall Inn, a Greenwich Village institution for the local queer community. 

5 ways our predictive technology can be used for more than just pipelines

Our initial focus is using our IIoT solution to make pipelines cleaner, safer, and more efficient. Beyond this, the applications of our platform are many and varied. Today we will explore five ways that Dashboard’s predictive IIoT-based solution can be used for more than just pipelines.

Our Dash Across The World Challenge to support Rowcroft

After the success of our previous charity challenge to virtually travel 900 miles to raise funds for Mind, Dashboard’s kicking off its next virtual travel challenge, Dash Across The World to support Rowcroft.

Why the UK government is focussing on wind power

The UK Government has announced significant investments into wind power as part of its clean energy programmes. Today, Dashboard discovers why the UK Government is focussing on wind power.