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Our big plans for the future

Our website’s had a new lick of paint and that’s just the beginning of our exciting journey. Read Dashboard's big plans for the future in our latest blog post.

The Algae Acceleration

Algae may become the biofuel to replace fossil fuels as a primary source for the automotive industry.

Supersonic Start-ups

The old adage ‘the sky is the limit’ applies less and less in today’s aviation industry. The concept of commercial travel into space is fast becoming a reality but in terms of global mobility there seems to be a common limitation; speed.

Next Generation Graphene

In 2010 Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene.”

Hydrogen Trains Heighten Expectations

Hydrail – rail vehicles which use hydrogen as an energy source – is the innovation set to transform public transport across the globe.

Smart Parks Save Species

The future is full of visions for smart cities, but with a clear need to conserve natural environments and ecosystems, connected technology is seeing some exciting applications in ‘smart parks’, too.

Early Metrics Rating Announcement

Dashboard recieves notification from the Early Metrics Ratings Agency, which puts Dashboard among the top 20% of the 2,000 Start-ups in November 2018.

The Future of Fireworks: Dancing Drones

The 2018 Opening Ceremony to the Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang, South Korea, for the first time, used drones as an alternate visual display to fireworks.

Virtual Reality Reimagining History

As virtual reality technology continues to progress, both public and private sectors continue to find interesting and unique applications for it.

Collaborate to Innovate Awards 2018

Dashboard is thrilled to have had not one but two projects (WindTwin and Limpet) selected as national finalists in the prestigious Collaborate to Innovate awards hosted by The Engineer magazine in the ‘Information, Data & Connectivity’ category for 2018.