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OilCoin Launching for Smarter Trade in Oil

The recent meteoric rise in the value of Bitcoin has turned many heads in many industries and as well as extensive coverage from various global media outlets.

IoT Predictions for 2018

It is easy to reflect on the progress IoT has made in 2017, many companies appointed IoT-specific directors; security was highlighted as a crucial issue for improvement; and voice-controlled IoT devices emerged as a popular option among consumers.

“Pay-as-you-save” Energy Scheme for Companies

When energy providers launch new components, such as green elements or production strategies, their individual/private customers are more likely to be offered the opportunity to adjust their energy plans than their corporate clients.

EGYPT Petrolium Show 2018

Dashboard is delighted to announce the company’s attendance at the 2018 EGYPS Security & HSE in Energy event in February this year. We have also been asked to join the distinguished panel of guest speakers to introduce and elaborate on the benefits of our comprehensive solutions that naturally fit with the expo’s core directive.

New Partnership Targets Brownfields

Production sites with over 7 years’ operating history that have often plateaued, or even entered a declining production level, are referred to as brownfields.

IoT’s Threat is Connectivity; Not Security

Of all the challenges facing IoT developers today the issue of security has consistently taken the spotlight for both consumer and industrial applications alike.

Earth’s Internal Hydrogen Generator

Within the circles of clean energy, the dilemma of how to split water into hydrogen and oxygen in a way that’s both energy efficient and fast as well as produces a significant amount of hydrogen to convert into hydrogen fuel, has been a topic of many debates and research.

Asian Super Grid Plans

When the Fukushima nuclear disaster took place in 2011, its impact could only be estimated from a very limited perspective. Apart from the immediate effect, it gave rise to many a shift and inspiration regarding technology, power production, and energy.