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Advance Engineering 2017 Show – Surprise Visitor

The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell made a visit to the Dashboard stand at the Advance Engineering 2017 Show, to hear about the impacts of Industrial IoT and how British companies are rising to the challenge to meet this head on with innovation through the adoption of new technologies.

Energy from Evaporation: The New Model

When it comes to renewable energy, there is a limited number of options currently available with a viable production process behind them.

Consumers Lack IoT Confidence

We have been big proponents of IoT since the very start and we have always been at the forefront of its developments. As a proactive company in the field of technology, we feel it is a part of our business conduct to not only stay up to date on the latest news, but share it with our many stakeholders.

Mining Industry Using IoT for Health & Safety

As one of the most health and safety threatening industries in the world, the mining sector is always facing regulations and rulings that make lawful operations difficult and complicated.

Rip And Replace: The New IT Risk

If the term “rip and replace” is relatively new, the concept itself is far from it. Mostly, rip and replace cases happen in IT and general technology, where old and outdated systems are completely disposed of – “ripped” – and fully replaced with new ones.

Cellulosic Ethanol from Solid Waste: A Case Study

One of the biggest worldwide problems of the 21st century is waste and its efficient management. Preventing big landfills is in the common interest of everyone, as they are not a sustainable nor an economically feasible arrangement.

Retail Industry Pushing IoT

As one of the biggest industries, retail has been a driving force behind many technologies. In the 1970s, it brought to life barcodes and scanners, which have since been adapted in advertising; airplanes; smart apps; and automated stock refill in every sector.

UK Launches A £30 Million Energy Research Facility

Both independent and company and/or government-supported research facilities have previously been an important factor in pushing along major changes, discovering advances, and creating growth in many industries.