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Experts Predict Bladeless Wind Turbines In The Future

One of the key reasons why wind energy is dragging behind solar panels in popularity is cost. Despite countless efforts to bring down the expenses, manufacturing turbines continues to be a high-cost activity and extracted energy isn’t guaranteed.

Essentials of IoT: Satellite Systems

If you think of IoT the same way you think of mobile services, in simplistic terms they are very similar: they provide a connection, require software, and operate through a network.

Kuwait Leading O&G’s Preference For Reservoir Stimulation Technology

Within the last few years, different stimulation techniques have become the reigning trend in Oil & Gas: water injection/fracking, matrix acidising and steam drive, to name a few, are today’s hot topics, with each production company looking to maximise how much their wells give.

DEO Publishes Study On Grid Stability Factors

As much as researchers, companies and third parties invent, innovate and study renewable energy and the multiple opportunities it provides, it has, at least so far, always come second to traditional fossil fuels.

Oil Producers Find Alternative in Methane Gas

Nearly every expert and professional, if not all, are agreeing that easy oil is gone; over the last century or so the conventional oil industry has seen a decline in the reserves that used to be full not so long ago.

Dashboard’s Response To The Energy Harvesting Bracelet

It is only today’s energy hungry, innovation driven world that not only allows scientists and developers to be experimental, but also drives them, sometimes unnecessarily so, to create devices that produce power.

Considering The Limitations of Big Data

Everybody around us is always talking about the opportunities that big data presents and the new world of opportunities it creates – and for a good reason, too.

UK Government Integrating IoT Into the Grid

As a company with many partners and contacts from a wide range of sectors, we have often stressed the importance of forming relationships with all types of producers, distributors and customers.

Go Small or Go Home: The New LNG Mentality

With constant economic difficulties within the Oil & Gas field, it is interesting to note the trends that emerge for the companies that not only survive, but do well.