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Why BP Are Investing in Space Technology

Since its launch in 2006, BP’s corporate investment arm BP Ventures has invested over £250 million into promising ideas, start-ups and technologies with the potential to revolutionise the oilfield.

Making IoT Available: the mangOH Red Platform

Anyone slightly familiar with the IoT industry is acquainted with how difficult the market can be to enter; even the most creative and necessary solutions can struggle to make it whilst demand and supply are high.

Energy Industry Concerned About Security

Within the last year, the security element of many industries has been debated, trialled and at times compromised; there was the NHS ransomware attack a few months ago, and the DDoS attack in 2016, which hit many big companies and effectively disrupted their services.

Scientists Create Solar Paint to Produce Hydrogen Fuel

With a bigger industry and subsequently a bigger demand, green energy is attracting more scientists than ever; the number of innovative solutions has sky-rocketed over the last five years and this trend shows no signs of stopping.

Pumping Oil Through Wind Power

Since our inception, Dashboard has focused on Oil & Gas, but simultaneously we have been able to recognise the importance of modern green technologies.

Smart Meter Revolution Better With Cellular IoT

Britain’s smart meter programme was first introduced in March 2011 and has a nine-year implementation period planned. It is to be undertaken in two phases with completion aimed for 2020.

Cleaner Biofuel from Used Coffee Grounds

The coffee industry is, arguably, one of the most waste producing sectors out there. From millions of cups thrown away daily to coffee beans ending up in the bin instead of recycling, the coffee market has made considerable efforts to reduce waste and capitalise on green opportunities.

Scientists Invent Oil Spill Analysis Tool

The digital oilfield is a tool that focuses on enhancing oil recovery through digital methods and ensures it is done efficiently, regarding all resources from economic constraints to timelines.