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The Importance of Blockchain for All Data

In terms of the mutual interests of security, clarity and progress, data is continuously changing. More importantly, it is not only the data that’s changing – it is also the management and analysis, as well as the corresponding technology.

The Why and How of O&G Competitor Collaboration

Last month JWN and Grant Thornton published a report on service and supply companies within the O&G industry. 372 leading companies providing services to oil and gas production businesses were surveyed, and the report highlights that many of these firms are capitalising on cooperating with each other.

Synthetic Sensor Chips for IoT

Despite IoT currently being in the phase of rapid development and growth, there are still gaps and areas that require improvement. Identifying and working on these has been the focus of many researchers who believe IoT could be transformed and bettered.

Seaweed as a Superconductor

A reoccurring problem with storage-sourced energy is its sustainability. Whilst devices such as batteries and supercapacitors can source their energy from green methods – solar and wind power– it is not always enough to counteract the materials used in producing these devices, which can often be harmful to the environment.

Introducing Water Flooding for Oil

In the last decade, the oil technology has focused on one aspect in particular: efficiency. This has become the end goal of most, if not all companies, and is regarded to be an industry leader for development.

Public Cloud versus Private Cloud

Today, businesses dealing with any data are most likely using a cloud service. This practice enables important files to be stored securely, so they aren’t lost during system reboots or errors, and makes them accessible from anywhere on any device through an online platform.