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Our blog - IIoT thinking

The BECCS Race

Bioenergy technology combined with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) is being hailed as the future of environmentally friendly energy production due to the potential to generate power while simultaneously extracting carbon from the atmosphere.

Hello Tomorrow Top 500 deep tech startup winner

We are pleased to announce Dashboard has been selected from 4,500 applications from 119 countries and nominated in the Top 500 as one of the most promising projects in deep tech to date.

Standardisation of BIM

The standardisation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) aims to revolutionise the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry. BIM utilises 3D modelling software to create a virtual representation of a building project with embedded digitised documents and data.

EIC Corporate Day with Solvay Ventures

On the 16th October, Solvay, an advanced materials and specialty Chemicals Company, will host a business acceleration event for companies funded by the European Innovation Council pilot.

Monitoring and Deterring Marine Mammals

The Thames has an unfortunate history with disorientated or stranded marine mammals travelling upstream. Most recently, the unexpected sightings of a Beluga Whale has refuelled media discussions about technological solutions capable of monitoring and even deterring larger marine mammals from travelling into shallow waters or dangerous shipping lanes.

Everest Base Camp – Bucket List

We all have our own ‘bucket list’ and our Programme Manager Andy Phip is no exception, travelling all the way to Kathmandu might be enough for most of us, but Everest was calling so Andy answered.

Automation Anxiety

As innovation in industrial automation and adoption of IoT-connected supply chains has progressed, so too have anxieties surrounding the threat this poses to the workforce.

UK Based Company to Elevate CO2 Recycling

In late spring 2018, Edinburgh-based biotech Ingenza announced an exciting collaboration with the University of Dundee and Drochaid Research Services – a Scottish research company, taking aim at waste carbon generated by industrial biotech manufacturing applications.

Energy Efficient Systems for Air Control Indoors

Effective air temperature management and dehumidification are essential in preventing mould and maintaining high air-quality, however, the energy requirements for accomplishing this are exceedingly high.