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Mobile World Congress 2017

Dashboard will be attending the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with the aim of generating new opportunities and relationships between suppliers, manufacturers, complimentary value added providers...

Solar Energy to Take Over Mining Sites

Dashboard regularly posts articles about the latest news and innovations from a wide variety of industries, including renewable energy and mining.

Separating Success from Failure

It’s a cliché that success and failure are separated by a fine line, and often a heavy dose of good fortune. But it is also true that you make your own luck by doing the right things right more often than the other guy.

Rushlight Event 25th January 2017

Dashboard successfully pitched its oil and gas pipeline condition monitoring technology at the Rushlight Event Innovation Showcase, held at the Royal College of Surgeons on 25th Jan. Dashboard was invited to present its technology to potential partners and investors.

Dashboard to open Bristol office in Unit DX

On Monday 23rd January Pete Stirling and Piers Corfield visited Unit DX in Bristol, the ground-breaking science and engineering incubator which is the brainchild of Harry Destecroix of Ziylo – (a start-up company from Bristol University) the scale of ambition is significant.

IoT-minded LTE broadens

With the speed in development of technology, telecommunications and IoT, efficiency has become the key word. Every product and new solution must capitalise on how efficient it is saving money and effort, but most importantly of all speed.

The (hidden) future of data storing

When you think of a data centre, what typically comes to mind is a room of considerable size filled with rows upon rows of computers, controllers and power supplies.