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The Grand Challenge of Energy Meets Emerging Technology

It is a universal prediction that by 2040 the global energy consumption will have increased by 56% compared to the levels of 2010. Projected by The U.S. Energy Information Administration, the prediction shines a light on problems of production, sustainability, storage and conversion, all of which need some work to be done before the target requirements can be met.

Public Sector as Source of Infrastructure for IoT

The requirement for various intangible infrastructures in different sectors is growing all around the world as progress happens over time. Often, it is the private sector that provides (or at least heavily supports public endeavours) – the Internet...

Conversion of Water to Fuel Finally Viable

In late 2016, sunlight, wind and geothermal heat are no longer a surprising source of renewable energy but rather a permanent solution. For example, over the last 40 years since solar energy was first introduced, it has become a self-evident part of society that works alongside other methods.

Edge Computing… a force multiplier for change?

Although much of the commentary on the Internet of Things (IoT) is focused on consumer applications, there is a growing awareness of the transformational opportunity presented by Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications underpinned by edge computing.

Norms-based contracting set to take over the oil industry?

There is little the oil industry has not attempted in the search for cost reductions. Over time, it has continued to introduced new technologies and reformed old systems but sometimes it takes something as simple as a fresh look at conventional processes to save millions.

Watson’s Transformation of Energy Management

Ten years ago, in 2006 IBM’s principal investigator David Ferrucci tested a question-answering system that was meant to respond to the clues of a quiz show but only performed at a correct rate of 15%.