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Dashboard featured in the BBC front page articles

On Monday, September 19th Dashboard was linked by an article visible on the BBC front page. The article, written under the category of technology, is headed “Tech Talent: Map of the UK’s digital clusters”.

Machine Learning

When two new and exciting technological innovations are paired together, the results can be ground breaking: the marriage between phones and copy machines brought us fax machines and satellites’ union with portable screens gave us GPS.

UAVs in Oil and Gas – steps in commercial use

UAVs – unmanned aerial vehicles, or more commonly, drones – have been the big thing in non commercial usage for over a century. The military, in particular, have taken full advantage of UAVs and their cost-saving, and continue to be the largest user to date.

The Holy Trinity of IoT, The Cloud, and Big Data

IoT, The Cloud and Big Data are all enormous, state-of-the-art concepts, undergoing constant development and growth. While The Cloud and Big Data are well known among the masses, IoT is a tad more obscure.

The IoT gap between the industry and consumers

As digital industry professionals plough on with developing IoT gadgets, connectivity and batteries, the value of IoT as a concept keeps skyrocketing. Its walls are constantly stretched and edges reshaped to adjust to the latest innovations and breakthroughs.

Lithium batteries enabling wireless IoT

While Internet of Things(IoT) is said to be the greatest innovation since the World Wide Web, it is also undisputable that it faces many problems. One of these is how smaller devices would function for hours on end without a wire to connect it to a power source. IoT devices would most likely consume an enormous amount of energy in small time periods, and so far the options to solve this problem are limited.

IoT in Mining – A South African Perspective

As IoT has developed rapidly in the recent years, many industries have benefitted from the added speed, efficiency and connectivity it has brought along. One of these industries is mining, which could be subject to many an improvement, yet can at times be slow to incorporate new technology.

From the cloud to fog: an alternative

With every step IoT takes, all technologies even remotely related strive to follow. This ranges from security to power generation, and in this case, storage. Yet another alternative to cloud services has recently emerged to take over IoT devices: Fog computing is engaging people by storm.

Light power to be the next big thing in power generation?

When it comes to renewable energy and its production, the options are limited. Often times, it comes down to solar and/or wind energy, despite there being other solutions out there. Biomass, biofuels and hydroelectricity are often dismissed as a less viable. Recently, researchers at Griffith University (world top 3%) in Brisbane, Australia have discovered “significant new potentials” to further the development of light power.