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Dashboard’s commentary on “4 Major Technical Challenges Facing IoT Developers”

Sitepoint recently published an article highlighting the biggest technical challenges IoT is facing. The challenges have been broken down into four groups: security, privacy, connectivity and compatibility/longevity. The article discusses what form these challenges might take, and gives insight to what the industry may do to avoid them.

Dashboard’s commentary on “How can IoT ensure that Oil pipelines run smoothly?”

IoT specialist Naveen Joshi recently published an article describing the effect of IoT on oil pipelines. What makes the article of particular interest is that Joshi never once mentions digital oilfield as a whole, but instead chooses to break it down into parts. He explains the catalyst effects of systems such as SCADA and TAMI in detail, perhaps to avoid generalising digital oilfield as one. The article is also useful in terms of acquainting oneself with the digital oilfield deeper than just the name.

The Genesis of Dashboard

Piers Corfield’s first interview as CEO of Dashboard Limited, talks about the genesis of Dashboard and the future of IoT.

Drowning in data – O&G’s missed opportunity

In today’s rapidly automising world it is often emphasised how companies should invest into data gathering devices to know their process and product better. This particularly comes up in terms of IoT and remote monitors and sensors.

Team Day, Flight Simulator – Quadrant Systems, June 2016

The executive leadership team of Dashboard recently attended Quadrant Systems as part of a comprehensive TDT (Team Dynamics Training) exercise designed/delivered by the Alderbrooke Group as part of their TeamScope program.

SetSquared Open Innovation Showcase 22 June 2016

Dashboard successfully pitched its oil and gas pipeline condition monitoring technology at the Set Squared Open Innovation Showcase.  As a member of the Set Squared partnership, the no1 ranked university business incubator, Dashboard was also invited to exhibit its technology to potential partners and investors.

Canopy Boston 2016

Our visit to Boston was to explore the potential for Dashboard entering the US market via the East Coast, engaging with the strong investment/academic cluster centred on Boston.