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Drone Technology Implements 3D Modelling

Drone technology has quickly delivered numerous versatile and innovative applications to both industrial and consumer markets alike, standing distinctively as one of the trendiest developments of the last decade.

VRCO partners up with Dashboard

VRCO limited is building the NeoXcraft, an electric personal Vertical and Take off craft capable of landing on water and driving on roads. The craft has been designed with safety, security and high performance with an array of sensors and systems to ensure separation and optimum flight paths.

The On-Coming of AI Chips

Arguably the fastest developing technologies at the moment are IoT, AI and blockchain, through constant investment all three are demonstrating the capability to reshape the modern industrial landscape.

First Digital Drilling Vessel Linked Up

Collaborative partnerships are often the driving force behind many of the ground-breaking projects we see today, as bringing resources, use cases, technology, knowledge and people together have proved crucial in attempting to radically alter an existing industrial landscape.

Manufacturing Batteries from Paper Biomass

As of today, the manufacturing process for batteries makes them one of the least eco-friendly devices in the energy sector, and have subsequently have received relatively low attention as a green technology solution.

Wind’s Untapped Atlantic Potential

When any industry takes big leaps forward, it is important to understand the potential of the industry to predict its viability and reality. This is also the case with wind energy, which despite its fairly long roots remains in a precarious situation.

Poor IoT Readiness in Businesses

In the past two years, we have extensively discussed the topic of security, particularly in relation to IoT. Still, it is a major concern going forward and continues to be an area of interest for developers, clients and users alike.

Unlocking Small Pool Oil

While it may seem obvious, the oil industry is heavily in favour of production areas with substantial amounts of oil, as opposed to smaller pools of oil that might be situated in more accessible locations.

The future is bright, the future is Scale-Up

Recently, Piers Corfield (CEO of Dashboard Ltd), sat as one of the panel experts at the Scale-Up event in Exeter Science Park, Piers explained how he found it necessary to “imbue competitive advantage” even before the company was established.