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Poor IoT Readiness in Businesses

In the past two years, we have extensively discussed the topic of security, particularly in relation to IoT. Still, it is a major concern going forward and continues to be an area of interest for developers, clients and users alike.

Unlocking Small Pool Oil

While it may seem obvious, the oil industry is heavily in favour of production areas with substantial amounts of oil, as opposed to smaller pools of oil that might be situated in more accessible locations.

The future is bright, the future is Scale-Up

Recently, Piers Corfield (CEO of Dashboard Ltd), sat as one of the panel experts at the Scale-Up event in Exeter Science Park, Piers explained how he found it necessary to “imbue competitive advantage” even before the company was established.

VMware Announces New Edge Computing Solutions

The actions of industry leaders are often excellent indicators of the direction that the industry is taking. While sometimes more risk averse, industry leaders have both the resources and competitive motivation to more effectively pursue innovation as well as spearhead industry trends.

Warm Water Data Centre Cooling

Last year, we published an article addressing how underwater data centres were attracting attention and becoming a trend among leading organisations in data storage.

RHI – Poor Value For Money

In November 2011, the British government introduced what is now known as RHI – the Renewable Heat Incentive. Replacing another low-carbon programme, it was designed to encourage the public to adopt renewable heat generators in exchange for cash, aimed at both commercial and non-commercial property owners.

All-Day Solar Fuel Reactors

One of the biggest problems that solar energy faces in terms of viability on a large scale is its intermittency. The production process is lacking in stability and is thus unreliable, and to function smoothly for longer periods of time solar energy requires considerable effort from energy storage innovation. Similarly, this also applies to other renewable energies that aren’t a constant – such as wind energy.