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Scientists Find Way to Produce Sustainable Plastic – On A Large Scale

One of the biggest pollutants and environmentally unfriendly materials that today’s society still uses in enormous quantities is plastic. Various types of plastics, their endless applications and inexpensive cost suggests its popularity for industrial usage shows no signs of diminishing.

IaaS Becoming a Trend for SMEs

Organisations across many industries can now be seen to different business models not only in how they provide goods and services, but also how they purchase them.

Data Centres Hyperscaled in the Future

We often talk about how data is expanding and how a bigger chunk of it is becoming digital. Many smart systems such as big data tools are not only reading, interpreting and analysing data, but also creating new sets of processed information.

Flash Charging EVs a Step Closer

Electric vehicles, or “EVs”, have been the subject of much conversation over the past decade, and not always for positive reasons. Issues regarding range, charging times and the electronic configurations behind them have frequently been met with scrutiny from experts and consumers alike.

MIT Scientists Reviving Large-Scale Batteries

The energy storage industry has been in a constant stage of development for several decades. Despite its age, battery technology is surprisingly immature and new demands require constant innovation.

O&G Culture and Digital Oilfield

For Dashboard and our various stakeholders, digital oilfield is a topic close to our hearts. For us, it is nearly impossible to imagine a modern industrial organisation operating blissfully without any digital assistance in the vein of analytics, monitoring, IoT or a combination of these.

Telefonica Conducting 5G Trials

Over the past year there have been very serious talks about 5G and its upcoming deployment. In the time it has taken to develop the network enough to trial it, organisations around the world – Dashboard included – have expressed their eagerness to witness the roll out.

Why Microgrids are The Future of Energy

Despite living in an advanced and modern society, one variant that humans are still struggling to cope with is the negative effect of natural disasters.

From Green to Grey: Solar Panel Lifecycle

As renewable sources of energy continue to grow exponentially in popularity, solar power has been a particular favourite among many. More solar farms are installed and solar panels have become a trendier installation in private homes as well as in small technology.