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Ahead of the curve

Dashboard is progressing rapidly towards establishing itself as a trusted provider of data analytics solutions to industry. Whilst the focus has initially been the significant addressable opportunities within the Oil and Gas industry, our data analytics credentials are starting to get noticed by other sectors, including Water, Renewables and Food Production.

The power of the Dashboard approach lies in the segmentation of what we can offer. Acquisition/Transmission of the monitoring data is distinct from the Analysis and the Presentation elements – so, whilst we can offer a complete end-to-end solution comprising all three, each element can stand alone and add real value to a wide variety of industrial processes.

This focus on the multi-variate analysis of industrial monitoring processes will see the Dashboard solutions applied to many different sectors throughout 2016 and beyond.

The development of the Limpet prototype (Data Acquisition – oil sector) continues at pace, and trials will start shortly at a BP test facility. Discussions are also at an advanced stage for similar trials in Canada, Kuwait and Nigeria.

Our ‘top-down’ approach will take collective correlated and non-correlated Big Data, distilled and delivered in a universal platform and will enable highly effective remote monitoring; in turn, empowering users with timely, relevant and critical process engineering information.

Dashboard – the data value experts