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As some of the banks and large global brands have proven in the last few years, you cannot underestimate the importance of company culture.

When dysfunctional internal culture is identified, be it within Uber, Enron or AIG, the ensuing negative perceptions serve as a reminder of the worth of well thought out core values in any company. If the original values of the company are pushed aside and things go wrong, it’s hard to know how the outcome may have been affected should the values have been upheld.

Corporate values and culture need to be nurtured, supported, and developed from the recruitment process through on-boarding, and then into employment, with the core values established as the very cornerstone of all business practice.

It is often said that you cannot retrofit culture, and the example set by the management and early team members will define the shape of the organisation moving forward. Dashboard seeks to develop/maintain a critical competitive advantage by working hard to create the very best culture and working environment in order to attract, hold, and motivate the best talent in the market. Every recent study has affirmed that the skills needed for Dashboard to achieve the company’s full potential are amongst the more sought after in the market.

Dashboard, like so many companies involved in the digitisation revolution, is a company whose greatest asset is its team. The existing high-performance culture within the organisation gives birth to high levels of productivity and personal commitment. As a tight-knit group of individuals defining the lean ethos, the value of our corporate culture is no less than fundamental to recruitment, retention, and performance.

Dana Parkins, on behalf of the company, has recently had the privilege of spending two days at the Alderbrooke offices in London to complete the CultureScope accreditation course. Hani Nabeel (the behaviour scientist and founder of Alderbrooke) has perfected the use of data science when applied to company values and personal behaviour across all team members. This is a far cry from the simple psychometric testing of years gone by, and is based on the highly sophisticated behaviour analysis tool that the Alderbrooke team has been developing/perfecting for the past eight years. The use of complex algorithms ensure that the results are both absolutely accurate and highly insightful therefore, an invaluable tool when deployed within a business environment.

Here, at Dashboard, everyone (including non-executive members of the team) completes the assessment and is walked through their results in an effort to ensure that all team members are using their particular skill sets to best effect, in the right positions for them.

CultureScope is at the cutting edge in data analytics for recruitment, helping our team leaders choose exactly the right candidates for the company. We are proud of our relationship with Alderbrooke, and the pride and mutual loyalty that we have established within our teams.