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Dashboard to open Bristol office in Unit DX

On Monday 23rd January Pete Stirling and Piers Corfield visited Unit DX in Bristol, the ground-breaking science and engineering incubator which is the brainchild of Harry Destecroix of Ziylo – (a start-up company from Bristol University) the scale of ambition is significant.

Harry commented ‘we needed top grade laboratory space for Ziylo and wanted to remain based in Bristol. Such laboratories are incredibly expensive and there was no availability in Bristol so we have successfully raised the capital and created Unit DX not only for our own needs, but for those in similar high technology companies wishing to become part of the world-class research and development community in Bristol.’ In under 18 months Harry and his team and Patrick Page Fallon – (Lead Designer) will have taken the concept from design to launch to create a building built around a state-of-the-art facility which is unparalleled in both timescale and budget. Their innovation in both specification and design whilst achieving a Biosafety Level 2 rating for the 17 units that total 10,000 square feet of advanced laboratory accommodation has created an enormous asset for both the city and the region.

The cluster of companies who will be located in Unit DX will be a carefully selected balance of established companies seeking to base a project team and early stage companies, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem of collaborative enterprises that will bring enormous value. The University of Bristol and SETsquared have both been hugely supportive to the project and will play a key role moving forward.  Pete Stirling, (Chief Product Officer of Dashboard) commented ‘we needed an environment in which we could carry out sensor testing (such as the evaluation of ultra-high-sensitivity hydrocarbon molecule detection and water monitoring systems for our work within the Oil & Gas and water industries) in addition to gaining access to a cleanroom environment for the testing of advanced electronics. We required laboratory space for the testing and evaluation of hydrocarbon sensors for the early-stage detection of crude oil leaks and are working on some advanced water monitoring concepts which are likely to include biological contaminants.

Piers Corfield (CEO of Dashboard) commented ‘we are delighted to be selected, not only as one of the first tenants but also as an industrial partner for Unit DX, contributing our expertise and capabilities in advanced IoT appliance engineering, communications, data science and dashboard visualisation as a compliment to the other members of the Unit DX community as it develops. Our increasing involvement in environmental testing will naturally be enhanced by our involvement in the Unit DX community.

Unit DX will officially open in on 17th March.