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EIC Issues Initiative on British Energy Supply Chain

Britain’s leading trade association for suppliers of energy companies Energy Industries Council (EIC) has commenced its initiative on understanding the UK’s energy infrastructure.

Branded “UK Energy Supply Chain: How to Survive and Thrive Initiative” it was launched on 15th January, lead by CEO Stuart Broadley. It aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the ever-growing needs of energy companies in the 21st century.

The plan of the initiative is for the investigative team to visit 30 member organisations from around the sector, holding discussions on existing strategies as well as new ones to be adapted to not only keep up with the industry but surpass expectations of energy companies. The topics revolve mainly around six key areas that EIC views as crucial to ensure growth at this moment in time – cost and processes optimisation, innovation, technology, collaboration, diversification and export.

It is predicted that the larger the energy corporations requirements, the better the service they are able to deliver into the national community. In Broadley’s own words “feeding into the government’s industrial energy strategy will help the whole of the UK energy industry to thrive,” and it is indeed going to have a high effect on the sector, as EIC membership is held by over 600 companies around the UK – these include Halliburton, Siemens and ABB.

Dashboard cannot wait to see the results of the initiative carried out by EIC and see the impact it has on both utility companies themselves as well as their suppliers. While a timeline has not been given for the initiative, it is known that a report on the scheme will be delivered by the trading body and we expect this to act as a template for industry wide application. If successful, it could be reviewed annually, which we believe would be a key element in achieving maximum understanding for the energy sector and therefore energy production.