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Energy Internet Principle Driving Micro-Grid Solutions

Last November, we reported Energy internet an American dream ? about energy internet (EI) and its high prospects in greatly populated cities, particularly in the USA.

Now, there is positive news from Switzerland, where a company is working on autonomous power grids that follow EI’s principle of transferring the energy where it’s needed most.

Called the Power-Blox, their product is a cube-and-solar-panel solution with a twofold application possibility. The first application is using the box as an off-grid power supply, similar to a private energy generator. Reportedly, it is enough to supply power to a “small fridge, a television, three LED lights (7W each) and a mobile phone charger” at once, depending on how many units are connected to each other. It is simple to use, doesn’t require central connection and uses sustainable sources due to the attached solar panel.

A modern independent power supply is, of course, a valuable idea but adding flexibility is a key to success. What makes the Power-Blox product special is its second application option. When multiple units are combined, an intelligent power grid system is formed. This system can process multiple sources of power immediately and direct unlimited amounts of energy wherever it is needed. The technology is based on “Swarm Grip” – a technique where the energy from photovoltaic modules is stored in lithium-ion batteries. According to its creators, this system is enough to provide power for a whole hospital, clinic or a small village.

Dashboard can see how inventive this product is and believes that it demonstrates the new wave of electricity solutions that are moving in the direction of developing a multipurpose aspect; one application is no longer enough for the high demand of customers. Finally, the emergence of an independent grid solution unaffected by major network complications is a sign of the impact EI is having on the industry and we should expect a number of similar products on the market soon.