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Everest Base Camp – Bucket List

We all have our own ‘bucket list’ and our Programme Manager Andy Phip is no exception, travelling all the way to Kathmandu might be enough for most of us, but Everest was calling so Andy answered.

With a summit of 29,028ft and base camp over halfway at 17,700ft, so a huge achievement on its own. Keeping Dashboard updated of his trek and successful ascent, Andy reported he was looking forward to a hot bath, shave, and some air with a higher percentage of oxygen in it. We think this must be one of the hardest ways to burn calories and will stick to the gym for the time being.

Andy recalls:

“With a 04:00 start to climb in the dark for 2.0 hours (there was a full moon), that made it even more magical a setting.  The climb was straight up from 5180m to 5545m to a place called Kalaphater.

Siting at 06:15 (totally exhausted after the climb, at that altitude) waiting for the sunrise over Mount Everest in the freezing cold, with about 30 other people from all over this planet was amazing. Most of them had been to EBC the day before, giving us a feeling of great camaraderie and euphoria”.

Well done Andy and come home safe!