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The Holy Trinity of IoT, The Cloud, and Big Data

IoT, The Cloud and Big Data are all enormous, state-of-the-art concepts, undergoing constant development and growth. While The Cloud and Big Data are well known among the masses, IoT is a tad more obscure.

No matter how early a stage it is at currently, it has rooted itself as one of the three massive streams in the world of information technology. These three are, if not completely dependant on each other, very close in purpose and usage.

The cooperation of the three is vital to their success and improvement. It is a cycle of IoT first creating chunks of data so big they can be classified as Big Data, which in turn goes up to The Cloud for both short and long term storage. From The Cloud the information can then be pulled to IoT devices for processing and analysis, either as a whole or in smaller pieces.

Already now, the relationship of mutual benefit can be seen. For example, Big Data and IoT are distinguishing themselves by specialising in different sections of analysis. Before IoT started raising its head, Big Data was mainly archived or analysed in real time. Now, with IoT appliances doing this automatically with little to no human input, Big Data processing can concentrate on other tasks. According to Machina Research, it is very likely that in the future Big Data analytics will focus on predictive and prescriptive analytics more than ever before. Their report states that since “millions and millions” of devices started producing data every single second, Big Data processing shifted from historical patterns to forward looking ones.

This is a perfect case scenario of how the three giants can work together. Not only do they have to coexist, but they can determine the direction that information technology is going to take next. It is an opportunity for companies of the sector to collaborate and expand, using the existing concepts as a launch pad.