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Innovate UK – WindTwin project underway

Dashboard begins the WindTwin project in collaboration with some of the UK’s top technology companies.

WindTwin is being developed specifically for the wind-turbine industry. Its aim is to provide a solution to help mitigate the rapidly growing maintenance and operational costs associated with running wind turbines, and in turn support the optimization of wind energy generation by the provision of more reliable, in-service wind turbines.

The project will harness digital twin technology in the form of a high fidelity, digital software platform, combining operational sensor data with virtual system model data for the purpose of predictive maintenance of wind turbines.

To facilitate this, the consortium members will develop and integrate a number of enabling technologies including high-performance cloud computing, system fault and degradation modeling, data analytics and visualization.

Full article: WindTwin digital technology aims to support and lower wind-turbine O&M costs