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Internship Programme at Dashboard

As part of broadening Dashboard’s Social Responsibility Programme, we are proud to introduce our Internship Programme.

Working together with University of Exeter, we are bringing the brightest young talent of tomorrow into our company and providing them with an opportunity to develop their skills and interests in a stimulating environment. Ranging from engineering to web design and social media, our interns can select their area of expertise and work towards building crucial work environment skills. Throughout the experience they receive support and feedback from their co-workers and managers alike, ensuring they are consistently able to perform at their best.

The applications we received for the initial five positions, each lasting eight weeks, were of an extremely high calibre. Of these, we chose a mixture of second and third year students. Each of these individuals was highly motivated, very task focussed within their individual projects and keen to broaden their knowledge base within the IoT sector.

“Our entire team thoroughly enjoyed having these young people working with us and hope that several of them will continue to be part of the Dashboard team in the future,” said Piers Corfield, CEO of Dashboard, expressing his satisfaction and continued support for the programme.

Following this hugely successful first implementation, Dashboard looks forward to continuing their partnership with University of Exeter well into the future.