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A New Direction for IoT in SaaS

Cost efficiency – it is always a topic of conversation where IoT is mentioned. IoT saves money, time and effort for the customer and leads to better results for the user. Yet IoT is constantly changing and with new methods come new benefits – sometimes even for the provider too.

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is today’s modern way to analyse customers’ data and process their information instantly through a software rather than a device. This means the customers can download a single programme to their existing device, e.g. desktop computer, smart phone or tablet, that can take the form of an application or a downloadable electronic system and depending on the type, can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Instead of paying once to receive a physically tangible gadget, charging happens on a monthly (or more rarely yearly) basis. So while it can, depending on the case, be more convenient for the customer, it also definitely has its benefits for the provider.

While software requires no less work than a product, it can cost less as no raw materials are required. It is also quicker, as once designed it is ready to be distributed right away. It has the potential to last longer in terms of updates and availability of new versions periodically and customer contact (feedback, user statistics, user habits) is retained after the sale.

Most of the aforementioned benefits to the provider are also attractive to consumers, and the system creates a symbiosis relationship between the two. Regardless of this most companies still prefer products, which seem to overshadow the opportunity of SaaS. It is important to note the various options that customers might be interested in and keeping them informed of the direction IoT is taking.

Dashboard recognises the equal need for both and provides the two alternatives; physical products such as Wave and Limpet for flow rate measurement, combined with a virtual SaaS system. In addition, we offer a range of complimentary solutions such as Dashboard Analytics, taking client source data and interpreting and extracting greater value from it.

As a company we believe in adopting new methods to compliment the conventional ones, blending both with innovation and experience to deliver more informed solutions.