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Our big plans for the future

At Dashboard we are changing the world of industry and bringing it into the intelligent age. 

For many of you, this might be the first time you’ve come across the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or even Dashboard, so this is a short post to say welcome and to find out more about what it is we do and our immediate plans for the future.

Dashboard is home to a team of expert engineers and data scientists bringing together the worlds of engineering and technology to make real change to industry that’s embedded in the data-driven revolution. Our first port of call is the 10 million kilometres of hydrocarbon pipeline structures, carrying not only gas and oil but our world’s supply of biofuel, water and so much more. All of these are essential products for the world we live in, but 95% of pipeline systems, whilst statistically incredibly safe and closely managed are uninstrumented for the vast majority of their extent.

To fix this problem, we have developed a turn-key solution which upgrades old pipelines for the intelligent age using sensors and millions of data points to provide clear visibility of each and every inch of pipeline and its health. By suddenly having access to this wealth of data, companies can use our predictive technology to get ahead of potential pipeline failures.

That’s why we say our technology turns data and insights into foresight.

Remote monitoring and implementing this type of technology in 2020 brings about a multitude of benefits for the industry:

  • With foresight to predict and prevent failure, there’s greater profitability and security
  • Our solution is clean technology which will help the oil and gas industry become more environmentally responsible
  • While created to improve pipeline structures, our technology can be applied to all areas of industry such as wind turbines to make the renewable energy sector more efficient
  • In the world of COVID-19, remote monitoring makes business safer for employees

As we launch our new website sharing greater detail of our technology and how it works, we aim to also share with those passionate about industry for the intelligent age, food for thought and regular updates on Dashboard’s progress to bring its technology to life.

Our most exciting update from this year is our global partnership with Worley, with whom we are planning the instrumentation of two major gas pipelines in Australia utilising Dashboard’s IPMS solution (Intelligent Pipeline Management System) enabled by cutting edge engineering, data analysis and geospatial visualisation to name but three.

In addition to the projects in Australia (and others) in early 2021 Dashboard will be deploying the IPMS on a UK pipeline which is classified as CNI (Critical National Infrastructure) on which further announcements will follow in due course.

Worley is an ideal partner to enable the full potential of Dashboard’s unique solution and capabilities, being both the largest engineering provider for the global energy market and the leading specialist in pipeline infrastructure. With thousands of the world’s brightest minds in energy, chemicals and resources, Worley is working to deliver and find solutions for a more sustainable world. With a passion for bringing a sustainable solution to the energy market, we’re excited to work with Worley to turn Dashboard’s blueprints into assets that make industry safer, cleaner and more efficient.

By April 2021 we aim to have completed our first full industrial trial with our hardware and software prototypes complete and a commercial supply chain established.

This may seem like an ambitious timeline, especially in the world of COVID-19, but we are passionate about using our scientific and technical know-how to bring tangible, positive change to industry as soon as possible. We have been developing our technology since Dashboard was founded in 2015 and have the brightest minds and smart partnerships to make it a reality.

We invite you to join us on our journey by following Dashboard on social media or subscribing to our newsletter so you can stay on the pulse of how intelligent industry is evolving.