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Supporting The Digital Change: Insights in Infrastructure

It is safe to say that digital transformation is a prominent fixture in the future strategic planning of businesses today, and companies are continuously spending more time and money on digitalisation for added efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

A significant investment for both old and new organisations is technology in the form of IoT, robotics and data analytics. Adapting to surrounding circumstances is essential for the survival of businesses, but it can be done in more ways than just installing new technologies.

To maximise the benefits and ensure all new technology is used effectively, a strong support system should be in place, namely in the form of an infrastructure. The analytical and interconnecting properties between the infrastructure and the new technology can, at least for the first period of adoption, cause complications and misunderstandings. Adjusting the infrastructure is a natural step for business progression and could stabilise the company environment, avoiding any unnecessary difficulties.

An appropriate infrastructure can also increase the overall security of a company. A revised infrastructure would not only highlight areas of potential risk but enable companies to respond to them faster and prevent bigger threats from forming; a necessity for cybersecurity. Failing to review procedures when new equipment is installed adds risk to the protection of the new property. Reviewing the infrastructure is an intelligent move and corresponds with the intelligence brought in by the new technology.

Transforming a business into an electronic model means transforming a business into a smart company, and for the process to be smooth and seamless the internal structure of the company should reflect the processes that the company adapts; the staff should be prepared for the change and thus be able to utilise the new technology actively.

For these reasons, Dashboard would like to encourage all companies adapting to new technology to monitor their infrastructure. Taking initiative to transform into a model that fits with new technologies makes the process less straining and more encouraging as many of the barriers to understanding it are removed. This works both for small and big companies and we believe is essential for those that plan to install the newest technology successfully.