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Team Day, Flight Simulator – Quadrant Systems, June 2016

The executive leadership team of Dashboard recently attended Quadrant Systems as part of a comprehensive TDT (Team Dynamics Training) exercise designed/delivered by the Alderbrooke Group as part of their TeamScope program.

The mission was designed to stress test the team’s collective dynamics by learning to fly a Boeing A737 commercial airliner using a professional flight simulator certified by Boeing for type approval.

Within the team there was very little prior knowledge of flying (other than as passengers) so the intense preparation and training on instrumentation and flight principles was a steep learning curve for all members of the team.

The team rotated roles, flying in different situations, with the team learning to improve their communication/collaboration skills under high pressure conditions to better understand team performance and collective behaviours.

The team undertook multiple day and night flights in varied weather conditions, and was challenged with near misses, diversion to another airport, fuel leakage and engine failure.

Achieving what the team previously would have imagined would be impossible within a single day, key lessons from the flight deck were brought into a business context helping all members to fine tune and improve all aspects of management and communication skills, in addition to which it was thoroughly exhilarating!

All flights were videoed and the detailed results from the day will be the subject of a comprehensive report and training seminar to maximise the outputs from the TDT training.

The course was designed and delivered by Hani Nabeel (himself a fully qualified commercial airline pilot) from the Alderbrooke Group.