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VMware Announces New Edge Computing Solutions

The actions of industry leaders are often excellent indicators of the direction that the industry is taking. While sometimes more risk averse, industry leaders have both the resources and competitive motivation to more effectively pursue innovation as well as spearhead industry trends.

Owned by computer manufacturer Dell, VMware is one of the world’s principal software companies. At the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, which spanned the end of February and beginning of March, VMware unveiled its plans to expand their edge computing solutions linked with asset management and smart surveillance.

Working together with partner companies Axis Communications and Wipro Limited, VMware are creating hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) to develop the degree of management and control users can have on cameras. The solution specifically targets the surveillance industry and consists of deploying equipment such as IP cameras and 4G/LTE routers to protect the people and belongings of user companies. Using the new software, the customer organisations could manage, monitor and secure the cameras and routers.

At the same time, the partnership is developing a complete edge to cloud IoT solution for more precise management of machinery productivity and efficiency. While remaining secretive about the specifics and technicalities of the project at this point, VMware and Wipro are planning on integrating a number of IoT platforms hosted both on-premises as well as in the cloud.

VMware’s chief technological officer and executive vice president said about the collaborations: Building an edge computing solution today is a time-intensive exercise most enterprises can’t afford. Today, VMware unveils hyper-converged edge computing solutions that are cost-effective and will enable customers to build and scale secure, use case-specific IoT solutions that work for them from the edge all the way to the cloud, relying on proven, tested software they already use and trust.

Dashboard’s interest in the solution lies in its accessibility to smaller companies as well as furthering the development of edge computing, which we believe is one of the most applicable, useful cloud computing methods. We wish the efforts every success and hope to hear more soon.