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VRCO partners up with Dashboard

VRCO limited is building the NeoXcraft, an electric personal Vertical and Take off craft capable of landing on water and driving on roads. The craft has been designed with safety, security and high performance with an array of sensors and systems to ensure separation and optimum flight paths.

The collection of all the telemetry and associated data is a vital aspect of the monitoring of the health and performance of the craft and components.

The company has partnered with Dashboard which is at the forefront of industrial process/infrastructure monitoring, capitalising on the IoT (Internet of Things) revolution.

Piers Corfield of Dashboard said, “we are delighted to be working with VRCO and on the hugely innovative NeoXcraft. Our experience of non-destructive testing of wiring systems in civil aviation aircraft, condition monitoring, data analysis and its visualisation provides VRCO with leading edge capabilities.”

Daniel Hayes, CEO of VRCO commented, “we are delighted to have within our immediate circle a UK based business that is leading the world in the industrialisation of connecting devices”.