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WindTwin pushing forward…

Dashboard is pleased to announce its involvement in the Wind Twin project. Wind Twin is a £2m collaborative R&D project supported by Innovate UK, with a focus to reduce maintenance costs for both onshore and offshore wind turbines by delivering optimised operations and increased energy generation.

The solution, targeting the rapidly-growing wind turbine maintenance and operations market, encompasses a range of enabling technologies, including: condition monitoring sensors; high performance cloud computing; system fault and degradation modelling; data analytics; and 3D visualisation.

Recorded data is integrated into a high fidelity digital platform using advanced models to build a hybrid twin; accurately representing the condition of the asset in real time. The turbine’s multi-domain dynamic behaviour of performance or degradation effects is assessed by passing the collected data through mathematical models to compare against given parameters then displaying these changes or outputs through a virtual interface.

This advancement in digital twinning will reduce turbine downtime, inspections, and maintenance costs. It will enable operators to virtually assess maintenance upgrades before deployment, and better control wind turbine settings to optimise performance and energy output.