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About Dashboard as an Employer:

Dashboard is a new Company, we are doing new and exciting things in the IoT (Internet of Things) and we aim to enjoy a different relationship with the people who work with us, to set us apart and make us an employer of choice. Bold words but ones we stand by.

Fundamental to success is being really sure about your connection with the business. You may want to be employed directly, you may prefer to enjoy a close consulting relationship or perhaps you are happiest when you can drop in and drop out as projects present themselves. Whatever the connection, you are important to us and we want you to enjoy your time working with us.

Of course the Company also has a view on this approach to the relationship folk have with us: some roles are clearly and necessarily fundamental and will always be held by directly employed people, but maybe fewer than you would think. The key thing is it has to work for both parties for it to be successful.

To do that we believe the following are fundamental:

  • As an early stage business we need everyone to be on top of their game technically when they join us; but we will provide opportunities for you to grow and develop.
  • We take our Values very seriously and aim to live by them in all we do. We expect that of everyone who works with us
  • We will set challenging goals and support you in achieving them
  • We avoid fixed job titles. We bring people into the business who are flexible, smart and energetic and deploy on projects where they can develop and grow whilst delivering World Class results
  • Top results are only achieved through application, but its results that matter and its results that are rewarded
  • Nobody is ever “just a contractor”. If working as a third party expert is the relationship that suits you best and it fits the work required, then that is a win/win and you are as much a part of the business as anyone else and will be treated accordingly.

In order to provide our colleagues with opportunities we have developed a definition of career based on personal growth and structures that support a rich journey not a simple elevator ride through the organisation. That has a strong bearing on what a career looks like at Dashboard

We believe in a process of continuous development and assessment, not an annual grilling resulting in some simplistic and abstract assessment hardwired to a pay review. This approach should not be confused with either being sloppy or soft, it’s neither. Continuous improvement and evaluation is a rigorous and intellectually challenging state of mind that requires effort from everyone concerned; but the payoff is huge.

We reward achievement and success, not time served, although of course we recognise the benefits and capabilities that can follow from greater experience.

Since the business is growing fast and adapting to a rapidly changing business environment we do not have a fixed annual manpower concreted in time. Business requirements change and our needs shift with them and so we are keen to keep a pool of talent available that we can call on at short notice so, if you feel you have the skills and ambitions that align with us let us know, send in your CV and indicate the sort of relationship you want with the business. If we believe you have the right background and would fit the business we’ll be delighted to keep you in mind.

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