The Dashboard technical team are steeped in the understanding of fixed, wireless and cellular communications and can make informed recommendations based on both a specific and variable set of customer requirements.

Cellular technology, whilst helpful, is often too power hungry to support an endurance application, so the emergence of low power wireless transmission standards such as BLE (low power Bluetooth), ZIGBEE and latterly LORA are all essential to the realisation of the autonomous device. The evolution of M2M (Machine to Machine) cellular chipsets which are ever more effective in providing low power cellular connectivity has dramatically increased the options and for more remote locations, LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite telemetry (with chipsets which are often the size of a thumbnail and which now boast astonishing energy efficiency) now provide almost limitless connectivity opportunity.

In the case of LIMPET, Dashboard’s unique and wireless pipeline monitoring solution, the communications methodology is varied, depending on the environment in which it is to be deployed. Only by understanding the merits or otherwise of a particular communications platform can we deliver the secure and reliable monitoring solutions that the Oil, Gas and Utilities sector demands.

Talk to us about how our unique knowledge of the communications sector can help bridge the gap that holds many companies back from deploying the technical solutions they so urgently need.

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