Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

Condition based maintenance (CBM) is a form of maintenance that takes place only when it is required. The requirement can be met through decreased or interrupted performance rate and/or quality, expectancy of failure or general improvement demand. CBM makes use of sensors, which transmit data to a centralised core, then being available for detailed analysis before those responsible for maintenance are automatically notified, eliminating losses in productive time and service interruptions. Predictive/preventative maintenance routine mitigates the potentially excessive costs of planned preventive maintenance (PPM), which operates on a time interval basis.

CBM aims to predict and inform maintenance processes. One of its main goals is to act before further damage can be caused, thus preventing additional cost and device failure. Long term effects of such action can lead to appliance life extension and redesign of the working process to be more efficient.

Such an approach has been embraced by the aviation industry for years and is an accepted norm in an industry in which safety trumps all but now, with revolutions in electronic components, communications, cloud technologies and mobile devices, such an approach is now accessible to all industries.

Dashboard Analytics and innovative IIoT (industrial internet of things) approach, utilising bespoke process mapping combined with data analysis/machine learning, brings greater insight for targeted and timely predictive maintenance.

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