Power is the lifeblood of modern civilisation and enterprise and its efficient generation and distribution in the context of sustained compound growth in demand is pushing the industry to innovate. In Africa approximately 30% of the population have access to resilient mains power and interruptions in service occur worldwide from the UK to Asia.

Predictive and preventative maintenance can help sustain supply but when outages occur it is imperative that the root cause be identified as quickly as possible and that appropriate resources are directed to the source of the issue as fast as possible (lest there be a knock-on effect). In many countries power theft destabilises power networks causing unforeseen maintenance issues and endangering life and property.

Complimenting conventional power generation is renewable energy, a modern, sustainable concept in line with trending environmental values and investing in future capacity for the generations to come. Produced by inexhaustible natural resources, such as wind, sunlight, tidal energy and geothermal heat, it has not only become the socially favourable option, but can also improve company image and profitability.

In the UK renewable energy currently accounts for 20% of all electricity produced, and is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 25% per year. This is an astonishing statistic, given that renewable energy did not gather momentum until 2010 and that until 2008, only 5% or less of the total energy produced was green. The goal is to increase this number to 30% in the next four years, and further capitalise on its positive themes of sustainability and high level of automation.

Dashboard is committed to working with the leading renewable energy operators to strive for ever greater carbon reductions, continuity of supply and efficiency. Changes in generation/distribution will requires millions of sensors, receivers and processors to support improvement. The “Energy Internet of Things” is predicted to help the renewables sector develop its Big Data analytics and contribute to increased horizontal integration.

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