The mining sector faces daily decisions with respect to suitable production policies. Therefore, understanding precisely what is taking place along the myriad processes that are operational 24/7 is critical. The industry has become increasingly automated in recent years, and this has added to the complexity of the monitoring challenge. Shutting down activity for planned or reactive maintenance is hugely expensive, so knowing what is likely to fail and when is a game changer in a sector where every operational minute counts.

Strictly related to such aspects are topics like power and raw materials consumption.  Environmental pollution issues also contribute to increase the complexity of the decision making process, and accurate awareness of what is happening, where and when, serves as a highly effective mitigation strategy against equipment failure and any resultant environmental damage.

Then there is safety.  As in many other industrial sectors, the safety of personnel is a major priority.  Body worn devices, for example, can now form a crucial part of any personal protection strategy, and data from these devices can be ingested into the Dashboard platform to provide another vital strand of data into the overall assessment and continuous monitoring strategy for the organisation.

So the challenge for mining process engineers and operators requires adequate solutions for a deep, quantitative knowledge of the processes and of their relevant parameters, and that is where Dashboard Data Analytics comes to the fore. Our data-driven models, producing reliable real-time estimates of process variables on the basis of their correlation with other relevant system variables are now vital tools in industrial applications.

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