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The ‘Digital Oilfield’ is upon us. Pipeline operators have a very pressing need to improve efficiency and extract the same amount of oil, for less. A significant way to achieve this is by the effective monitoring of the operational assets, such that leaks or related anomalies are detected quickly, accurately and with minimal process interruption.

As IoT devices proliferate, oil companies will naturally want to take advantage of the huge benefits that strategic deployment can bring.  As Mark Salkeld, CEO Petroleum Services Association of Canada, recently said “This is a cost war not a price war, and the weapon of choice is innovation” so it is clear that oil companies are leading the way in trying to drive cost out of production and supply.

Physical solutions for monitoring pipelines still include aerial and ground patrolling through physical and remote surveillance.  These measures are often used in tandem with leak detection systems that rely on power dependent and pipeline-intrusive point sensing technology. This has been shown to (at best) estimate the location of an event and are prone to creating false alarms. Indeed, a 10-year study conducted by the US Department of Energy demonstrated that LDS (Leak Detection Systems) successfully detected only 5% of pipeline spills. These traditional methods are capital intensive and of limited analytical and security value in practical deployment as against laboratory environments.

As with all other industrial sectors, safety remains a priority. Nowhere is this more significant than in the oil and gas sector. Accurate real-time monitoring of what is happening, when and where, is now critically important. Dashboard has the technical know-how and expertise to contribute significantly to meeting these challenges.

Dashboard is pleased to introduce LIMPET, a unique approach to the continuous monitoring of pipeline infrastructure. Please follow the link here to learn more about this innovative end-to-end solution.

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