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Intelligent pipelines

We make pipelines more intelligent to enable cleaner, safer, and more efficient operations.

Pipelines supply our world. Millions of kilometres of pipes transport some of our most valuable resources, including water, oil, gas, and sewage. Poor visibility across pipelines can have devastating environmental, social, and financial consequences. Early warning is vital to enable pre-emptive action, so we make pipelines intelligent to enable operators to discover their known unknowns for better informed decision making.

Intelligent Pipelines | Dashboard

From pipe to screen

Our end-to-end hardware and software solution provides cast iron performance monitoring to transform pipeline efficiency.

We save pipeline operators time and resources by helping people make smarter and faster decisions.

One of our foundational beliefs is that forewarned is forearmed. Our end-to-end service provides industrial monitoring in real-time, giving pipeline operators and engineers insight into their assets whether they are onsite or half a world away. Real-time information in conjunction with machine learning allows for foresight into maintenance requirements before those requirements mature into incidents resulting in HSE issues, delays, loss, and potential liabilities.

Our Intelligent Pipeline solution consists of four main elements that combine to offer a truly end-to-end service going from pipe to screen and providing clarity at every step:

Our solution helps operators overcome the challenges presented by un-instrumented legacy pipelines and make sense of their siloed data and disparate systems. We transform decision making by harnessing the power of languishing data and transforming it into actionable results that, otherwise, people are missing. Such capabilities mitigate environmental impact and improve social outcomes. We help operators align with regulators and insurers to improve their reputations.

Benefits: an end-to-end system

We built our solution to be end-to-end and truly pipe to screen. Not only do the LIMPETs generate new data, but our cloud platform also integrates with third-party data sources. We complement existing systems rather than replace them. Combined with our cloud platform and integrated front end, our service enables pipeline operators to harness the full potential of their data with one solution rather than facing the issues of integrating multiple disparate systems.

As well as being end-to-end, our Intelligent Pipeline solution also offers an array of other benefits, from operational to environmental:

· Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance

· User focussed

· Modular and extensible

· Centralised and humanised data

· Agile and customisable

· Visualisation and contextualisation

· Environmentally conscious

· Regulatory compliance

Cloud Platform

The Cloud Platform underpins the Intelligent Pipelines solution. Built with extensibility in mind, it is under constant development, ensuring it is always at the cutting edge. It is a secure and mobile platform that can be deployed wherever users are so that they can always get the insights and clarity they need. 

We believe that if you have data, you should use it. Our cloud platform enables pipeline operators to harness all their existing data to facilitate smarter decision making and more efficient operations. It does not replace a pipeline’s existing systems but enhances, extends, and complements them.

Field Equipment

The LIMPET monitors flow and generates real-time data to show operators what is really going on in their pipe. Together with other data ingested by the cloud platform, it enables early warning and pre-emptive action. The Edge Controller manages and monitors the data collection and remote communication of the LIMPETs and other third-party systems to identify issues in real-time and provide the relevant information. 

Our field equipment is built on the needs of our customers and provides them with clarity on their known unknowns and visibility over vulnerable points.

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