The Algae Acceleration

Algae may become the biofuel to replace fossil fuels as a primary source for the automotive industry. As highspeed trains look to hydrogen as a sustainable source, many dominant car manufacturers including Mazda and Honda are funding research into the cultivation of algae as a biofuel and are keen to get prototypes on the road […]

Supersonic Start-ups

The old adage ‘the sky is the limit’ applies less and less in today’s aviation industry. The concept of commercial travel into space is fast becoming a reality but in terms of global mobility there seems to be a common limitation; speed. 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Concorde’s first flight. The Concorde, with its […]

Next Generation Graphene

In 2010 Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of the University of Manchester were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene.” By extracting graphene from graphite, Novoselov and Geim managed to create a new material, graphene, a form of carbon but only one atom thick, making it the strongest […]

Hydrogen Trains Heighten Expectations

Hydrail – rail vehicles which use hydrogen as an energy source – is the innovation set to transform public transport across the globe. French company Alstom manufactured the first hydrogen trains; Coradia iLint to be used commercially to transport passengers. The iLint prototype was originally tested in Salzgitter March 2017 and the trains, with roof-mounted […]

Smart Parks Save Species

The future is full of visions for smart cities, but with a clear need to conserve natural environments and ecosystems, connected technology is seeing some exciting applications in ‘smart parks’, too. Dutch conservation organisations ShadowView and Internet of Life are already using IoT networks to afford staff and rangers of smart parks situational awareness as […]

Early Metrics Rating Announcement

Dashboard recieves notification from the Early Metrics Ratings Agency, which puts Dashboard among the top 20% of the 2,000 Start-ups in November 2018.

The Future of Fireworks: Dancing Drones

The 2018 Opening Ceremony to the Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang, South Korea, for the first time, used drones as an alternate visual display to fireworks. Intel put on the display with a record-breaking 1,218 drones, equipped with onboard LEDs and over 4 billion colour combinations, creating stunning visuals, including the iconic Olympic rings and […]

Virtual Reality Reimagining History

As virtual reality technology continues to progress, both public and private sectors continue to find interesting and unique applications for it. Amongst many other industries, VR development is becoming a particularly prominent tool across entertainment, educational simulation, and occupational training. Now, VR is being adopted by the tourism and heritage sector, altering how visitors experience […]

Collaborate to Innovate Awards 2018

Dashboard is thrilled to have had not one but two projects (WindTwin and Limpet) selected as national finalists in the prestigious Collaborate to Innovate awards hosted by The Engineer magazine in the ‘Information, Data & Connectivity’ category for 2018. Our partners Penspen, working closely with Dashboard on an ambitious UK trial on CNI (Critical National Infrastructure) […]

The BECCS Race

Bioenergy technology combined with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) is being hailed as the future of environmentally friendly energy production due to the potential to generate power while simultaneously extracting carbon from the atmosphere. BECCS summarised is producing electricity, heat, liquid fuels and gaseous fuels without releasing greenhouse gases and geologically storing the carbon emissions. […]

Hello Tomorrow Top 500 deep tech startup winner

We are pleased to announce Dashboard has been selected from 4,500 applications from 119 countries and nominated in the Top 500 as one of the most promising projects in deep tech to date. This also places Dashboard in the running for the second round of evaluation to become a Global Finalist, giving us the chance […]

Standardisation of BIM

The standardisation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) aims to revolutionise the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry. BIM utilises 3D modelling software to create a virtual representation of a building project with embedded digitised documents and data. Accessible to all professionals involved; architects, engineers and surveyors, BIM supports greater collaboration and communication between the teams involved […]

EIC Corporate Day with Solvay Ventures

On the 16th October, Solvay, an advanced materials and specialty Chemicals Company, will host a business acceleration event for companies funded by the European Innovation Council pilot. After a thorough selection process, Dashboard is one of 22 companies selected to attend this exclusive event at the Solvay Campus in Brussels. The EIC pilot is an initiative of the […]

IoT Systems to Replace Traffic Policing ?

Variable speed limits, environment/traffic hazard warnings, and dynamic hard-shoulders are increasingly familiar on UK motorways. Yet with 50,000 incidents on UK motorways each year, the efficiency and reliability of traffic policing has been called into question, along with the dependability of IoT-enabled motorways. The Department for Transport reported 1,793 fatalities on Britain’s roads in 2017, […]

Monitoring and Deterring Marine Mammals

The Thames has an unfortunate history with disorientated or stranded marine mammals travelling upstream. Most recently, the unexpected sightings of a Beluga Whale has refuelled media discussions about technological solutions capable of monitoring and even deterring larger marine mammals from travelling into shallow waters or dangerous shipping lanes. IoT enabled systems are already in use […]

Everest Base Camp – Bucket List

We all have our own ‘bucket list’ and our Programme Manager Andy Phip is no exception, travelling all the way to Kathmandu might be enough for most of us, but Everest was calling so Andy answered. With a summit of 29,028ft and base camp over halfway at 17,700ft, so a huge achievement on its own. […]

Automation Anxiety

As innovation in industrial automation and adoption of IoT-connected supply chains has progressed, so too have anxieties surrounding the threat this poses to the workforce. Whilst very few authoritative voices can agree on how severe this displacement will be, it is no longer a speculative concern that the coming decades will bring unprecedented levels of […]

UK Based Company to Elevate CO2 Recycling

In late spring 2018, Edinburgh-based biotech Ingenza announced an exciting collaboration with the University of Dundee and Drochaid Research Services – a Scottish research company, taking aim at waste carbon generated by industrial biotech manufacturing applications. The proposed basis for the collaboration is “capturing and recycling” the emerging CO2 streams that evolve during fermentative bioprocessing. […]

Energy Efficient Systems for Air Control Indoors

Effective air temperature management and dehumidification are essential in preventing mould and maintaining high air-quality, however, the energy requirements for accomplishing this are exceedingly high. Furthermore, compared to other uses of energy with specified finishing points, the energy requirements for air quality monitoring and management is ongoing, resultantly, 40% of a building’s energy demand can […]

Predictive Corrosion Management Technology

One of the rising trends in O&G the concept of digital oilfield, reducing production downtime and improving efficiency of previously unmetered processes. Notably, one of the areas of digital oilfield gaining the strongest traction amongst companies in the sector is predictive analytics, proven to dramatically reduce maintenance related downtime across a broad scope of assets […]

European Renewable Energy Scenario

The future of renewable energy (primarily solar and wind based) is widely considered to be simultaneously inevitable, yet, unpredictable, with both being heavily susceptible to fluctuating weather patterns. Various attempts have been made to better understand the relationship between emissions, weather and the environment, however such attempts are frequently restricted to specific emissions models, in […]

Wave Power Slowly Permeating The O&G Industry

Even with all the pushing for renewable and sustainable energies, the current industry landscape across all sectors has been reluctant to apply wave power. Whether this is due to a lack of sufficiently intelligent solutions or the simple convenience and effectiveness of both wind and solar energies, wave power is yet to make a comparable […]

UK Government Boosts IoT As Part of Future of Mobility Challenge

As part of their Industrial Strategy, the UK government has set out four different Grand Challenges to focus on in terms of development. These define goals that the UK government intends to reach in the foreseeable future and set the tone as to which areas are the most important to develop in. These Grand Challenges […]

Britain’s Failing Fuel-Poor Homes Scheme

As of 2016, 2.5 million UK homes were classified as fuel-poor, defined as households that would fall below the poverty line after energy costs have been deducted from income. An estimated 17,000 deaths have been directly attributed to this statistic, and subsequently, UK government has devoted a significant amount of attention and resources toward schemes […]

Samsung Opens AI Research Centre in UK

The past five years have seen an enormous push for not only a multitude of connected technologies, particularly in fields of AI and Machine Learning, seeking to develop technology into a more intelligent enabler of human work. Alongside the rapid pace of these fields, growing emphasis is being placed on “readiness”, essentially how prepared countries […]

The Environmental Limits of Delivery Drones

Over the last decade of development, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or simply, drones, have been rapidly established as one of the most versatile and defining technologies of today. From warfare to amateur photography, the drone platform seemingly carries endless applications, across a vast range of industries. In conjunction, the Retail and Distribution industry has been […]

Online Purchasing Platform for O&G

The O&G industry is notable for its high barriers of entry within nearly every sub-sector, including drilling, supplying equipment and mechanical check-ups. Some of the most prominent reasons for this are high start-up costs, strict governmental regulations that may vary to a large extent from country to country and the dominance of existing key players […]

Liquid Air Energy Storage Developing in England

As the demand for energy continues to increase, the industry must not only improve methods of producing energy; but also, methods of storing and distributing it. Increasingly efficient alternatives to traditional lithium-ion batteries are constantly undergoing development, with one of the most inventive ideas being liquid air energy storage (LAES), a form of cryogenic energy […]

Nautilus Launches Spider-Inspired Samplers for Deepsea Mining

Nautilus Minerals is a very familiar name to any professional within the mining industry, the Canadian company is a pioneer of the sector, from experimenting with megaships for deepwater seabed mining to being the first organisation to ever explore the seabed for massive sulphide systems commercially. Overall, Nautilus is near-synonymous with progressive innovation and are […]

Nvidia’s New Robot: Learning by Seeing

After nearly two decades of establishing themselves as global leaders in graphics processing units, Nvidia has been expanding across a handful of adjacent markets for several years now. While their established roots in the gaming market still accounts for most of their revenue, Nvidia is gathering significant traction in autonomous vehicles, datacentres, AI, machine learning […]

Evolution of Artificial Photosynthesis and Subsequent Applications

One of perhaps the most captivating and intensive research topics currently being pursued are the efforts toward achieving artificial photosynthesis. For a variety of reasons artificial photosynthesis has been at the forefront of scientific study since the early 20th century, and recently there has been a remarkable breakthrough at Rutgers University New Brunswick in New […]

Autonomous Robots Tested for Routine Tasks

Routine inspections of oil fields and surrounding workspaces are generally considered a tedious and expensive requirement. Even with the digital oilfield reducing the amount of checks needed through predictive maintenance and problem area forecasts, they are not a primary activity and if done incorrectly can cause significant expense. Since the introduction of robotics into the […]

California Passes Legislation for Mandatory Solar Panels in New Homes

As is often the case with rapidly developing technology; legislation, regulation and government bodies can be slow to catch up, as is the frequently the case with clean energy initiatives. Particularly so in the USA, where there can be heightened resistance toward renewable energy sources, and more concerningly, resistance towards the necessity of reducing carbon […]

IoT Data Marketplace is in Development

One of the more intensely debated subjects within the IoT landscape is the IOTA cryptocurrency, currently valued at $3.7 billion and the subject of both praise as well as scepticism. Either way, the value of the coin is expected to triple within a year and its concept of digital payments continues to attract much attention […]

Tesla’s Gigawatt Battery Plans

Over the last small handful of years, Tesla has quickly become one of the most widely covered businesses in the world. Despite varied opinions on Elon Musk, or Tesla’s ambitious goals, they have continued to develop highly innovative technologies on a vast industrial scale, and in a relatively miniscule window of time. The enormous investment […]

Wind Power Production Boosted by Supercomputers

Dashboard recently published an article in which we discussed the largely untapped potential of wind power, and how relatively low efficiency rates combined with high production costs are creating barriers to both development and adoption. It is therefore particularly exciting to hear that scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) have been […]

IoT and the Ownership of Data

The speed in which technology can develop, and then continue to accelerate through various stages of innovation is often remarkable. This can, however, sometimes lead to problems: for example when supporting infrastructure, guidelines or legislation are particularly slow to catch up. Like any technology capable of dramatically reshaping industrial landscapes, IoT has brought its own […]

The Other Side of Electric Vehicles

For almost a decade now, the future of transportation and particularly the role of electric vehicles (EVs) has been the subject of intense discussion in both media and industry. During which, government bodies, industry leaders and consumers all appear to have maintained conflicting opinions on EVs viability as an alternative to traditional transport methods. Noteworthy […]

South West Digital Awards – Shortlist for Hardware of the Year

Dashboard is delighted to reveal we have been shortlisted for the South West Digital Awards 2018 with our Limpet monitoring device. The shortlist comprises of a real mix of talent – from individuals and startups to fully-fleged, internationally operating businesses all based across the South West, from Bristol & Bath to The Isles of Scilly. […]

Drone Technology Implements 3D Modelling

Drone technology has quickly delivered numerous versatile and innovative applications to both industrial and consumer markets alike, standing distinctively as one of the trendiest developments of the last decade. Unsurprisingly, one of the more popular industrial applications for drones can be found in monitoring and inspection, as the platform lends itself to a multitude of […]

VRCO partners up with Dashboard

VRCO limited is building the NeoXcraft, an electric personal Vertical and Take off craft capable of landing on water and driving on roads. The craft has been designed with safety, security and high performance with an array of sensors and systems to ensure separation and optimum flight paths. The collection of all the telemetry and […]

The On-Coming of AI Chips

Arguably the fastest developing technologies at the moment are IoT, AI and blockchain, through constant investment all three are demonstrating the capability to reshape the modern industrial landscape. Each of them are often interconnected and used across the same industries, but sometimes compete against each other. Currently, we are starting to see the momentum shift […]

First Digital Drilling Vessel Linked Up

Collaborative partnerships are often the driving force behind many of the ground-breaking projects we see today, as bringing resources, use cases, technology, knowledge and people together have proved crucial in attempting to radically alter an existing industrial landscape. A promising example of which can be found in the ongoing partnership between GE and Noble Corporation, […]

Manufacturing Batteries from Paper Biomass

As of today, the manufacturing process for batteries makes them one of the least eco-friendly devices in the energy sector, and have subsequently have received relatively low attention as a green technology solution. Out of the efforts that are present, many aim at extending their durability or storage capacity instead, and so production is not […]

Wind’s Untapped Atlantic Potential

When any industry takes big leaps forward, it is important to understand the potential of the industry to predict its viability and reality. This is also the case with wind energy, which despite its fairly long roots remains in a precarious situation. For example, solar power is a very strong competitor to wind within the […]

Poor IoT Readiness in Businesses

In the past two years, we have extensively discussed the topic of security, particularly in relation to IoT. Still, it is a major concern going forward and continues to be an area of interest for developers, clients and users alike. One factor that continues to highlight the fragility and importance of security in both IoT […]

Unlocking Small Pool Oil

While it may seem obvious, the oil industry is heavily in favour of production areas with substantial amounts of oil, as opposed to smaller pools of oil that might be situated in more accessible locations. Many of these large sites can endure multiple decades of production due to their sheer volume, however, with an ever-shrinking […]

Using sensor data to support decision making

Dashboard recently appeared in the April/May edition of the Digital Energy Journal. To read the full article click the link below where it can be found on page 9 of the pdf publication.

The future is bright, the future is Scale-Up

Recently, Piers Corfield (CEO of Dashboard Ltd), sat as one of the panel experts at the Scale-Up event in Exeter Science Park, Piers explained how he found it necessary to “imbue competitive advantage” even before the company was established. As part of this, he discussed the clear benefits of support from SETsquared Scale-UP initiative and collaborating […]

VMware Announces New Edge Computing Solutions

The actions of industry leaders are often excellent indicators of the direction that the industry is taking. While sometimes more risk averse, industry leaders have both the resources and competitive motivation to more effectively pursue innovation as well as spearhead industry trends. Owned by computer manufacturer Dell, VMware is one of the world’s principal software […]

Plastic Pollution Converted into Wastewater Cleaners

Global municipal waste is projected to continue its alarming upwards trajectory, with over 2.2 billion tons of solid waste expected to be generated annually by 2025. Now that the economic, environmental and social consequences of poor waste disposal are being increasingly acknowledged, over the last decade we have seen a more concerted effort towards the […]

New IoT Perspectives: Smart Video Surveillance

The definition of IoT has always been rooted in the technological aspect of connectivity as well as the information-driven strategy it absorbs. As such, it leaves much interpretation as to which devices are considered part of the IoT landscape. This definition is only further obscured in the face of the sheer growth and outwards expansion […]

Warm Water Data Centre Cooling

Last year, we published an article addressing how underwater data centres were attracting attention and becoming a trend among leading organisations in data storage. Microsoft, for example, filed a patent in December 2015 for “artificial reef data centres”, aimed at promoting wildlife, meanwhile Google has spent years exploring the possibility of placing data centres on […]

RHI – Poor Value For Money

In November 2011, the British government introduced what is now known as RHI – the Renewable Heat Incentive. Replacing another low-carbon programme, it was designed to encourage the public to adopt renewable heat generators in exchange for cash, aimed at both commercial and non-commercial property owners. During its initiation, it faced significant delays with the […]

All-Day Solar Fuel Reactors

One of the biggest problems that solar energy faces in terms of viability on a large scale is its intermittency. The production process is lacking in stability and is thus unreliable, and to function smoothly for longer periods of time solar energy requires considerable effort from energy storage innovation. Similarly, this also applies to other […]

Dissolvable Elastomers for The Oil Industry

One of the main stages of boring wells for the industry is completion, where finishing touches are applied before the wells are fully adapted for the industry. At this stage, the wells are prepared for production or injection, for example perforating the surface and getting rid of the production fuels/casing (ensuring the well won’t close […]

IoT Standardisation: From Commercial to IIoT

The plans for IoT have been taking shape for over a decade now, but recently two main categories of IoT applications have emerged: Industrial IoT (IIoT) and commercial IoT for non-business usage. While the former has received more coverage from us and our partners, simply due to the direct relevance, we frequently find commercial IoT […]

Mustard Seed Based Fuel Powers Flight

While the transportation industry is slowly – but relatively determinedly – moving towards a landscape of vehicles powered by electricity, there remain several applications for which traditional fuels will likely remain unthreatened for many decades to come. However, at a time when many companies are making headlines for green innovation targeting automotive and marine applications, […]

Mining Industry Sees Progress in Field Technology

If the oil and gas industry is considered slow in its adoption of digital technology, there is one section of industry that typifies this: mining. With a traditional structure and slow adaptability, hindered further by a steady decline in western coal consumption, the mining industry has continuously demonstrated a reluctance to change. While this is […]

Scientists Find Way to Produce Sustainable Plastic – On A Large Scale

One of the biggest pollutants and environmentally unfriendly materials that today’s society still uses in enormous quantities is plastic. Various types of plastics, their endless applications and inexpensive cost suggests its popularity for industrial usage shows no signs of diminishing. In spite of massive criticism, plastic remains the go-to option, however, a renewable alternative could […]

IaaS Becoming a Trend for SMEs

Organisations across many industries can now be seen to different business models not only in how they provide goods and services, but also how they purchase them. One business model that has become a beacon in the 21st century is selling intangible online assets as a service instead of a product, including SaaS (software as […]

Pipeline Technology Conference 12-14 March 2018 Berlin

From 12-14 March 2018 Europe’s leading conference and exhibition on high-pressure pipeline systems, the Pipeline Technology Conference, will take place for the 13th time, offering opportunities for operators as well as technology and service providers to exchange the latest onshore and offshore technologies and new developments supporting energy strategies world-wide. More than 600 delegates are […]

Data Centres Hyperscaled in the Future

We often talk about how data is expanding and how a bigger chunk of it is becoming digital. Many smart systems such as big data tools are not only reading, interpreting and analysing data, but also creating new sets of processed information. Modern companies from every sector have learnt to value this efficiency and capability, […]

Flash Charging EVs a Step Closer

Electric vehicles, or “EVs”, have been the subject of much conversation over the past decade, and not always for positive reasons. Issues regarding range, charging times and the electronic configurations behind them have frequently been met with scrutiny from experts and consumers alike. Despite their challenges, EVs are moving forward at a rapid pace with […]

MIT Scientists Reviving Large-Scale Batteries

The energy storage industry has been in a constant stage of development for several decades. Despite its age, battery technology is surprisingly immature and new demands require constant innovation. To this end, researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new approach to large-scale rechargeable batteries, with the hopes of further development into […]

O&G Culture and Digital Oilfield

For Dashboard and our various stakeholders, digital oilfield is a topic close to our hearts. For us, it is nearly impossible to imagine a modern industrial organisation operating blissfully without any digital assistance in the vein of analytics, monitoring, IoT or a combination of these. However, despite Shell attributing savings of over $5b over five […]

Telefonica Conducting 5G Trials

Over the past year there have been very serious talks about 5G and its upcoming deployment. In the time it has taken to develop the network enough to trial it, organisations around the world – Dashboard included – have expressed their eagerness to witness the roll out. The plans finally come to fruition through Telefonica. […]

Why Microgrids are The Future of Energy

Despite living in an advanced and modern society, one variant that humans are still struggling to cope with is the negative effect of natural disasters. Superstorms, hurricanes, and other extreme weather conditions have caused widespread energy outages in the past, and across these occurrences, buildings with microgrid systems have stood out in contrast to the […]

From Green to Grey: Solar Panel Lifecycle

As renewable sources of energy continue to grow exponentially in popularity, solar power has been a particular favourite among many. More solar farms are installed and solar panels have become a trendier installation in private homes as well as in small technology. In the last 10 years, the number of active panels has risen rapidly. […]

Earth-i: World’s First Full-Colour Video Satellite Launched

The first half of January 2018 saw a remarkable development in space technology. Earth-i, a Guildford-based company successfully launched the very first full-colour video satellite into space. This satellite, which is a prototype, is meant to be one of a 15-piece constellation intended for commercial use called Vivid-I; the first European-owned constellation to provide both […]

UK Ranked First in AI Readiness Index

The latest index publication to come from Oxford Insights endeavoured to assess government preparedness for emerging AI technologies, and then rank countries accordingly. Comprised through a variety of input metrics ranging from public sector innovation to the quality of data found in digital infrastructures, the study has concluded that the UK government is leading the […]

Electrolysis-Based Energy Storage in Development in Japan

With the instability of energy production from renewable sources being a major problem, the storage of energy is becoming increasingly important. It is currently a very hot topic around the world, attracting investors and scientists alike, and all advancements in the field are being met with great intrigue. A team based at the Kyushu University’s International Institute for […]

Co Innovate 24th January, Cardiff

Emerging Tech Opportunities Collaboration Dashboard COO Pete Stirling chaired the ‘Sensors’ session and was also a panelist for the ‘TechLive’ pitching competition at the CoInnovate conference event in Cardiff on 24th Jan. The event supports industry, start-ups and academics looking for collaborations showcasing their technologies. New ideas, technologies and capabilities to kick-start collaborative innovation projects, […]

Renewable Pit Stop: Looping Technology

Biomass has for a long time been on the receiving end of much positive discussion, opinions and praise for its excellent environmental properties and relative ease of production. In fact, it has nearly become a trendy buzzword for attracting attention for clean energy. However, for the time being, fossil fuel remains generally cheaper, more stable […]

UK Sets Sights on Fracking in 2018

The subject of fracking is as heated as they come, shrouded in controversy, unanswered questions, and public scrutiny. Resultantly, drilling for shale gas in the UK has been met with intense opposition. Most notably, in October, Scotland banned fracking indefinitely following a consultation of which 99% of over 60,000 respondents opposed the practice, which highlighted […]

OilCoin Launching for Smarter Trade in Oil

The recent meteoric rise in the value of Bitcoin has turned many heads in many industries and as well as extensive coverage from various global media outlets. It appears that the currency is rapidly gaining traction as confidence in cryptocurrencies on a wider scale is beginning to solidify, encouraging their emergence for use in narrower […]

The Importance of Industrial Wastewater Management

Industrial wastewater treatment can often be on the backburner for many companies; even those with a green focus prefer to invest in green energy and sustainable production. In part, this is due to the lack of cost-effective solutions out on the market, as this has not been the priority for scientists, either. However, this is […]

IoT Predictions for 2018

It is easy to reflect on the progress IoT has made in 2017, many companies appointed IoT-specific directors; security was highlighted as a crucial issue for improvement; and voice-controlled IoT devices emerged as a popular option among consumers. 2017 was also a big year for Dashboard’s IoT, and to prepare for where the market is […]

Dashboard – The Internet of Things explained

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“Pay-as-you-save” Energy Scheme for Companies

When energy providers launch new components, such as green elements or production strategies, their individual/private customers are more likely to be offered the opportunity to adjust their energy plans than their corporate clients. This is partly because corporations are often considered to be reluctant to change, especially when there is a cost implication, but by […]

EGYPT Petrolium Show 2018

Dashboard is delighted to announce the company’s attendance at the 2018 EGYPS Security & HSE in Energy event in February this year. We have also been asked to join the distinguished panel of guest speakers to introduce and elaborate on the benefits of our comprehensive solutions that naturally fit with the expo’s core directive. The […]

New Partnership Targets Brownfields

Production sites with over 7 years’ operating history that have often plateaued, or even entered a declining production level, are referred to as brownfields. Brownfields are typically areas of very little development or improvement – only receiving basic monitoring and maintenance to function. However, this could be set for change as brownfields are being targeted […]

Improving Data Storage Reliability: Active-Active Storage

The subject of corporate storage systems is gathering significant traction and prominence in the business world as companies capitalise on constantly evolving methods of data gathering and analysis. Exciting new storage models and techniques are emerging to improve the quality, accessibility, and security of storage solutions, and data-heavy organisations are constantly on the look-out for […]

IoT’s Threat is Connectivity; Not Security

Of all the challenges facing IoT developers today the issue of security has consistently taken the spotlight for both consumer and industrial applications alike. However, despite extensive mainstream publicity painting IoT as an enabler of everything from industrial sabotage to an invasion of privacy on the contents of your freezer, an alternative threat to the […]

Earth’s Internal Hydrogen Generator

Within the circles of clean energy, the dilemma of how to split water into hydrogen and oxygen in a way that’s both energy efficient and fast as well as produces a significant amount of hydrogen to convert into hydrogen fuel, has been a topic of many debates and research. An international collaboration between a university, […]

Asian Super Grid Plans

When the Fukushima nuclear disaster took place in 2011, its impact could only be estimated from a very limited perspective. Apart from the immediate effect, it gave rise to many a shift and inspiration regarding technology, power production, and energy. One of the biggest long-term changes was possibly Japan’s decision to shut down all nuclear […]

Shell Joining Statoil in Methane Detection Pilot

In the last quarter of 2016, Statoil announced plans that they would form a partnership with the Environmental Defence Fund (EDF) to pilot a methane detecting device. Working together with PG&E, the device’s developer company, the device was shortly thereafter installed at Statoil’s natural gas storage facility in northern California. The purpose of the device […]

Tech Trailblazers Awards 2017

Dashboard is pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for this years Tech Trailblazers Awards 2017 in the IoT category. It is always a pleasure and compliment to be nominated from an external perspective vindicating the teams hard work and dedication. If you would like to know more or better still vote for Dashboard […]


As some of the banks and large global brands have proven in the last few years, you cannot underestimate the importance of company culture. When dysfunctional internal culture is identified, be it within Uber, Enron or AIG, the ensuing negative perceptions serve as a reminder of the worth of well thought out core values in […]

Dubai Aiming For IoT Wealth

As the IoT development moves forward with each passing day, so do all connected agendas, plans, and visions. IoT’s future seems evermore secure, and this is only reinforced by the investment and support it has received around the world. We believe this is an important driver to ensure that IoT keeps developing beyond its current […]

Dashboard WindTwin Consortium – R&D Programme of the Year Award with TWI Ltd

Dashboard is thrilled to be part of the winning team for R&D Programme of the Year Award with TWI Ltd working on the WindTwin project. The judges were won over by the project’s consortium-led research approach and the tangible progress it has made tackling the major maintenance challenges faced by the wind and other renewables […]

Sodium Batteries Find New Ground in 2017

Amid the massive demand and continuous increase it is facing, the supply chain for lithium-ion batteries has found itself in a precarious situation. As there are only a limited number of manufacturing facilities for these batteries, China has been able to capture the opportunity of opening megafactories. These are able to relieve the gap of […]

WindTwin pushing forward…

Dashboard is pleased to announce its involvement in the Wind Twin project. Wind Twin is a £2m collaborative R&D project supported by Innovate UK, with a focus to reduce maintenance costs for both onshore and offshore wind turbines by delivering optimised operations and increased energy generation. The solution, targeting the rapidly-growing wind turbine maintenance and […]

Thames Valley IoT Meetup

On Wednesday evening at Green Park in Reading, the Thames Valley IoT Meetup convened, to listen to a variety of speakers in the field of IoT, Piers Corfield (Dashboard’s CEO) amongst them. The event ( ) was very well attended with excellent presentations ranging from Drayton heating controls on their business transformation to smart connected […]

The Modern Merger: SSE & npower

Barely a few weeks ago, Dashboard pointed out the willingness of energy companies to merge with technology experts to create a better fit for customers, a more efficient process for themselves and an overall smarter environment to extract and analyse information from. Whilst this is a continuous trend that can be observed with weekly case […]

BP Deploying Smart Glasses Across Their Operation Sites

Even if the digital oilfield is a relatively new trend in O&G production, there is a case to be made for today being a golden age for supporting technology. There is a strong wave of expertise and investment currently being poured into products offering novelty solutions for technology in O&G, which results in higher efficiency […]

IoT Growth and Boundaries ?

Dashboard is a very enthusiastic speaker for IoT and the effect that it could have on the modern society once its full potential is unlocked. From smart homes to industrial applications and wearable technology, IoT has been on our main focal points since the very beginning. As an observant, informed company with a wealth of […]

Gartner Symposium 2017 Barcelona

The Dashboard CEO Piers Corfield, fresh from TC3 in Silicon Valley, travelled to Barcelona to attend the Gartner Symposium Attended by 7,000 senior executives, the event attracted CIOs from some of Europe’s largest companies to hear some of the most influential speakers on key/disruptive technology trends and its impact on the world around us. […]

Paul Bosson – Non Executive Advisor

Paul has been a serial CFO of private-equity backed technology businesses for the last 15 years achieving 5 successful exits in that period. Most recently, he was CFO of the Access Group, the UK market leader in the supply of ERP systems to mid-sized corporates, which was sold to TA Associates in a secondary buy-out […]

Electech Mergers Pushing Innovation

We often share news and talk about energy as well as big data in our articles, as these are two topics that are not only important to our business, but also close to our hearts. We particularly enjoy news that combine the two and make a connection between energy and analytics – be it smart […]

Transparent Solar Panels Meeting Today’s Requirements

Back in 2014, the news of transparent solar energy technology first surfaced; the industry was excited by the concept of glass office buildings transforming sunlight into useful, green energy without sacrificing the aesthetic value. It was also predicted to be a big hit for private homes as a rooftop and/or window installation, and it met […]

UK Trade Mission to San Francisco

Dashboard was pleased to send team members Piers Corfield and Dana Parkins to TC3 held every year in Silicon Valley CA. This event was part of a wider agenda that was put together by the Department for international Trade (UKDIT) and was part of an exciting Trade Mission from the UK to San Francisco. TC3, […]

Controlling Data Quality for Analysis

As a data driven company, we have always been very positive regarding information collection, Big Data and its analysis. We have been proactive in keeping up with the latest trends and inventions related to managing data, but as the amount of collected information is continuously growing, we must recognise that not all of it is […]

Redox Batteries Targeting Electricity Instability

The recent growth in popularity of renewable energy sources has had many an effect on consumers, the economy and all the middle men in between. In particular, the stability of the national grids has suffered negatively, as the lack of regularity, and subsequently reliability, has put a higher strain on the grids’ management system. For […]

Machine Learning Taking Over Data Analytics

Today’s data landscape presents businesses with a unique problem. Where 15 years ago data would have been a limited resource from which organisations strived to milk all the analytics they could, today it has become an overwhelming challenge to transform it into constructed, sensible, and actionable intelligence. There are three main reasons for this: firstly, […]

Advance Engineering 2017 Show – Surprise Visitor

The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell made a visit to the Dashboard stand at the Advance Engineering 2017 Show, to hear about the impacts of Industrial IoT and how British companies are rising to the challenge to meet this head on with innovation through the adoption of new technologies. John was very interested […]

RF Steaming To Benefit O&G

In this day and age, it is normal to encounter previously unthought of technologies in fields they were not originally meant. For example: touchscreens were initially created for monitors but are now commonly found in small technology devices; motion detectors started out as a signal for automatic doors but now form part of many light […]

Industry 4.0: Dashboard’s Expertise

Looking back on history, we can pinpoint certain periods that shaped the future and changed the way the everyday world functions. These are, for example, the original Industrial Revolution from the 1800s, the Second Industrial Revolution just over a decade ago and the Digital Revolution in the mid-1900s. These periods can rarely be predicted, but […]

Energy from Evaporation: The New Model

When it comes to renewable energy, there is a limited number of options currently available with a viable production process behind them. Even the most researched, popular methods with huge investments, such as wind and solar power, have significant problems with energy-on-demand, and require supporting technology in terms of storing the produced power for later […]

Consumers Lack IoT Confidence

We have been big proponents of IoT since the very start and we have always been at the forefront of its developments. As a proactive company in the field of technology, we feel it is a part of our business conduct to not only stay up to date on the latest news, but share it […]

Mining Industry Using IoT for Health & Safety

As one of the most health and safety threatening industries in the world, the mining sector is always facing regulations and rulings that make lawful operations difficult and complicated. To keep up with the latest laws, the best solution is to go beyond simply keeping up, and instead, be proactive in securing these factors for […]

Rip And Replace: The New IT Risk

If the term “rip and replace” is relatively new, the concept itself is far from it. Mostly, rip and replace cases happen in IT and general technology, where old and outdated systems are completely disposed of – “ripped” – and fully replaced with new ones. This procedure does not consider add-ons or updates to existing […]

Wave of Technology Creating Opportunities for Small Businesses

Admittedly, Oil & Gas is an industry that predominantly favours big companies and they often have an advantage in the market over smaller organisations. Factors, such as economies of scale, brand recognition and cost of entry, all make it harder for new companies to compete and so most changes and developments that the industry faces […]

Cellulosic Ethanol from Solid Waste: A Case Study

One of the biggest worldwide problems of the 21st century is waste and its efficient management. Preventing big landfills is in the common interest of everyone, as they are not a sustainable nor an economically feasible arrangement. The last decade has seen a few solutions focused on battling the phenomenon of rising rubbish piles, such […]

Retail Industry Pushing IoT

As one of the biggest industries, retail has been a driving force behind many technologies. In the 1970s, it brought to life barcodes and scanners, which have since been adapted in advertising; airplanes; smart apps; and automated stock refill in every sector. Retail made contactless payment an everyday event, and since has been adopted in […]

UK Launches A £30 Million Energy Research Facility

Both independent and company and/or government-supported research facilities have previously been an important factor in pushing along major changes, discovering advances, and creating growth in many industries. Energy in particular is one sector where research facilities have had a huge impact and so it is great news that the UK is now launching a new […]

Experts Predict Bladeless Wind Turbines In The Future

One of the key reasons why wind energy is dragging behind solar panels in popularity is cost. Despite countless efforts to bring down the expenses, manufacturing turbines continues to be a high-cost activity and extracted energy isn’t guaranteed. According to The Renewable Energy Hub, breaking even with the production cost takes a lengthy amount of […]

Essentials of IoT: Satellite Systems

If you think of IoT the same way you think of mobile services, in simplistic terms they are very similar: they provide a connection, require software, and operate through a network. The last factor can happen in many ways, most conventionally through a fixed line or a terrestrial router, but when these are not available […]

Kuwait Leading O&G’s Preference For Reservoir Stimulation Technology

Within the last few years, different stimulation techniques have become the reigning trend in Oil & Gas: water injection/fracking, matrix acidising and steam drive, to name a few, are today’s hot topics, with each production company looking to maximise how much their wells give. Many different technologies have been employed to this end, but in […]

DEO Publishes Study On Grid Stability Factors

As much as researchers, companies and third parties invent, innovate and study renewable energy and the multiple opportunities it provides, it has, at least so far, always come second to traditional fossil fuels. This is the case in many factors: cost, efficiency, reach and, as some would argue, even direct harm to environment and sustainability. […]

Innovate UK – WindTwin project underway

Dashboard begins the WindTwin project in collaboration with some of the UK’s top technology companies. WindTwin is being developed specifically for the wind-turbine industry. Its aim is to provide a solution to help mitigate the rapidly growing maintenance and operational costs associated with running wind turbines, and in turn support the optimization of wind energy […]

Oil Producers Find Alternative in Methane Gas

Nearly every expert and professional, if not all, are agreeing that easy oil is gone; over the last century or so the conventional oil industry has seen a decline in the reserves that used to be full not so long ago. Such a deterioration in fossil fuel resources means producers have had to be inventive […]

Dashboard’s Response To The Energy Harvesting Bracelet

It is only today’s energy hungry, innovation driven world that not only allows scientists and developers to be experimental, but also drives them, sometimes unnecessarily so, to create devices that produce power. The latest example of this is the energy harvesting bracelet, a product of a team of researchers at Chongqing University, China. The technology […]

Considering The Limitations of Big Data

Everybody around us is always talking about the opportunities that big data presents and the new world of opportunities it creates – and for a good reason, too. As we have clearly recognised the value of big data before, we strongly support it and believe it is the future of analytics. There is, however, another […]

UK Government Integrating IoT Into the Grid

As a company with many partners and contacts from a wide range of sectors, we have often stressed the importance of forming relationships with all types of producers, distributors and customers. Working together with the government, however, is a push and pull of policies, regulations and law, which makes every collaboration special and unique. Very […]

Go Small or Go Home: The New LNG Mentality

With constant economic difficulties within the Oil & Gas field, it is interesting to note the trends that emerge for the companies that not only survive, but do well. Sometimes this means downsizing the whole company in terms of staff, rig count or operations, but for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) the solution is to build […]

Dashboard and NEL Partnership

Dashboard was please to welcome Craig Marshall and Alick MacGillivray from TUV-NEL on a recent trip to our offices in the Exeter Science Park. Craig & Alick where visiting Piers Corfield (CEO),  Pete Stirling (Chief Product Officer),  Alastair Maclachlan (Senior Pipeline Engineer) and Andy Philp (Programme Manager) to discuss upcoming projects and developments of Dashboards’ Limpet technology. […]

Bio-Compatible Batteries Already Here

Today, “battery” is a loaded word. While it means a powerful, easy energy solution, it is also synonymous with harmful, toxic, or otherwise environmentally unfriendly. This preconception has driven many projects looking to find a green solution and now the first bio-compatible, ion current battery is finally here. The team behind it comes from the […]

Energy Blockchain A Strong Contender For The Future

Dashboard has previously reported about how excited we are for the emerging blockchain technology as well as new energy solutions that are surfacing. In both we have seen the rise of a common trend: decentralisation has been a popular idea among many promising start ups. The rising appeal to investors can be seen as well, […]

AT&T’s Plan for A Network of Edge Data Centres

As one of the world’s network giants, AT&T and their plans are always closely followed. Their continuous position as a leader of the market requires to stay on top of the latest technologies, resources and investment targets. Because of this, whenever they make a new acquirement or plan a novelty idea, the whole industry takes […]

Clear Downhole Sight Possible

With the rapid development of the digital oilfield over the course of the last 10 years, it seems likely that the industry would already have developed an advanced tool for downhole sight. This, however, is not the case; only some simple models have been in play so far. With extremely difficult conditions and close to […]

Researchers Developing Leadless Solar Cells

As far as green energy methods go, solar panels have emerged as the favourite among many consumers. Harvesting power through solar panels is particularly easier than ever and professionals, as well as private consumers alike, have noted the benefits. With the latest development regarding this technology, solar panels could be even greener. Currently most, if […]

Is No Battery the New Battery?

The modern world of technology is very intent on finding the most powerful, efficient battery to power emerging gadgets and concepts – IoT, smart appliances and AI, to name a few. Each breakthrough is met with much interest and encouragement, as batteries are seen as the future. However, one research group from the University of […]

Multiple Source Carbon Storage In Development

A short time ago Dashboard reported on the new possibility of placing data centres underwater and how many big companies, including Microsoft and Google, found the trend very promising. The idea of a low-maintenance, low-cost storage facility within secure surroundings is an appealing alternative to an on-ground solution that constantly incurs costs for rent, utilities, […]

New Cellular IoT Networks: A Guide

The development of the IoT market means all by-products are evolving too, and one of the most essential of these is network and the hosting of it: think of a phone in a flight mode, where there is no connection. This same network is required for devices to form a connection with each other, and […]

How The Customer Fits In With Big Data

All companies striving to implement the latest cutting-edge techniques are familiar with big data, and have at least looked into the concept at a practical level. More often than not it is used to analyse data about customers: their preferences, consumerism trends and behaviour predictions, but doesn’t directly interact with the customers or benefit them. […]

Why BP Are Investing in Space Technology

Since its launch in 2006, BP’s corporate investment arm BP Ventures has invested over £250 million into promising ideas, start-ups and technologies with the potential to revolutionise the oilfield. The latest item to catch their attention and £15 million is Californian based company Beyond Limit, who are advancing technology from NASA and the U.S. space […]

Making IoT Available: the mangOH Red Platform

Anyone slightly familiar with the IoT industry is acquainted with how difficult the market can be to enter; even the most creative and necessary solutions can struggle to make it whilst demand and supply are high. Without support from existing companies or a large financial backing it is nearly impossible to get involved, and this […]

Energy Industry Concerned About Security

Within the last year, the security element of many industries has been debated, trialled and at times compromised; there was the NHS ransomware attack a few months ago, and the DDoS attack in 2016, which hit many big companies and effectively disrupted their services. The latest industry to express concern over security and take precautions […]

Digital Trust Is the Key to IoT’s Commercial Success

It seems that every month, if not week, the predictions for the magnitude of IoT and its commercial success are getting higher and higher. There is strong confidence that in the next five years there will be a massive surge in its popularity; and not only among businesses, but regular consumers as well. For now, […]

Scientists Create Solar Paint to Produce Hydrogen Fuel

With a bigger industry and subsequently a bigger demand, green energy is attracting more scientists than ever; the number of innovative solutions has sky-rocketed over the last five years and this trend shows no signs of stopping. One important aspect to these novelties is reducing the boundaries to practical application and making the process as […]

Pumping Oil Through Wind Power

Since our inception, Dashboard has focused on Oil & Gas, but simultaneously we have been able to recognise the importance of modern green technologies. We have shown distinct interest in wind, solar and biofuel technologies and are always thrilled when these are successfully combined with the oil industry. This is the case in a Norwegian […]

The Trend of Joining the Open Compute Model

Despite Facebook commencing their initiative of the Open Compute Project (OCP) back in 2011, it has only become sought-after in the recent years. The wave of popularity started in early 2015, when giants Apple, Cisco and Juniper Networks all joined across the duration of March and following their announcements, companies such as Google, Lenovo and […]

Smart Meter Revolution Better With Cellular IoT

Britain’s smart meter programme was first introduced in March 2011 and has a nine-year implementation period planned. It is to be undertaken in two phases with completion aimed for 2020. According to the latest government report, the UK totalled 5.76 million smart meters across all households at the end of March 2017. Comparing this to […]

Cleaner Biofuel from Used Coffee Grounds

The coffee industry is, arguably, one of the most waste producing sectors out there. From millions of cups thrown away daily to coffee beans ending up in the bin instead of recycling, the coffee market has made considerable efforts to reduce waste and capitalise on green opportunities. Its efforts have not been overlooked by others, […]

Scientists Invent Oil Spill Analysis Tool

The digital oilfield is a tool that focuses on enhancing oil recovery through digital methods and ensures it is done efficiently, regarding all resources from economic constraints to timelines. It is most commonly known for its preventive and planning qualities, yet there is also an element of post-production technology. This is developing just as rapidly […]

UK Initiative Aiming to Recreate Reality Through Simulation

Today, AI is one of the most important technologies out there, even in its early days there was much controversy as to how and where it could be used. It has grown sporadically over the last decade and has already revolutionised practises in many industries. AI’s modern equivalent that is heading for a big future […]

Energy Internet Principle Driving Micro-Grid Solutions

Last November, we reported Energy internet an American dream ? about energy internet (EI) and its high prospects in greatly populated cities, particularly in the USA. Now, there is positive news from Switzerland, where a company is working on autonomous power grids that follow EI’s principle of transferring the energy where it’s needed most. Called the Power-Blox, […]

New Coating for Pipelines Prevents Harmful Build Up

Dealing with harmful and at times even hazardous build-up is a common feature in industries that work with chemicals or in challenging conditions. This is certainly the case in O&G, where pipelines continuously attract materials that wouldn’t under ideal circumstances be there, such as methane clathrate. This icy substance can cause substantial harm if it […]

The Importance of Blockchain for All Data

In terms of the mutual interests of security, clarity and progress, data is continuously changing. More importantly, it is not only the data that’s changing – it is also the management and analysis, as well as the corresponding technology. One of the latter that is on the rise as of late is blockchain, which is […]

The Why and How of O&G Competitor Collaboration

Last month JWN and Grant Thornton published a report on service and supply companies within the O&G industry. 372 leading companies providing services to oil and gas production businesses were surveyed, and the report highlights that many of these firms are capitalising on cooperating with each other. This is the case even when they are […]

Synthetic Sensor Chips for IoT

Despite IoT currently being in the phase of rapid development and growth, there are still gaps and areas that require improvement. Identifying and working on these has been the focus of many researchers who believe IoT could be transformed and bettered. A group of scientists from Carnegie Mellon University suggest this could be done by […]

Dashboard feature article – Energy, Oil & Gas

A journey towards safer operations and reduced losses. By Alastair Maclachlan With over seven million km of pipelines around the globe it has never been more important for the industry to have robust integrity management plans in place to ensure they operate safely. Despite the cost drivers of the current market, operators continue to invest […]

Seaweed as a Superconductor

A reoccurring problem with storage-sourced energy is its sustainability. Whilst devices such as batteries and supercapacitors can source their energy from green methods – solar and wind power– it is not always enough to counteract the materials used in producing these devices, which can often be harmful to the environment. The most commonly used batteries […]

Introducing Water Flooding for Oil

In the last decade, the oil technology has focused on one aspect in particular: efficiency. This has become the end goal of most, if not all companies, and is regarded to be an industry leader for development. Dashboard does not dispute this claim – in fact, we agree with it completely – but there is […]

Public Cloud versus Private Cloud

Today, businesses dealing with any data are most likely using a cloud service. This practice enables important files to be stored securely, so they aren’t lost during system reboots or errors, and makes them accessible from anywhere on any device through an online platform. Some of the most popular cloud services include Dropbox, OneDrive and […]

Advanced Digital Twin Technology in IoT

The definition of a digital twin within Wikipedia states; “Digital twins refer to computerized companions of physical assets that can be used for various purposes. Digital twins use data from sensors installed on physical objects to represent their near real-time status, working condition or position. … The term “device shadow” is also used for the concept of a […]

Home Energy Storage Leads Way To New Energy

One of the most prominent challenges that the modern energy market and systems are constantly battling with is storage. It is the focus of countless studies and research pieces but as of today remains a topic of interest due to the very real demand for a storage solution that will deliver the ultimate answer, and […]

Cost Effectiveness Lessons From Oil Sands: Driverless Trucks

Comparing oil sands with regular oil can highlight challenges that the former faces daily: oil sands can be tougher on the work force and safety measures, as well as present drawbacks financially. The separation process of oil from minerals requires additional resources and consideration towards safety measures, which is pushing the industry to develop solutions […]

Using Malware for IoT Software Evaluation

Every person working in or with technology most likely knows about the Mirai attacks of 2016 and the consequences they had on the security standards of any software based technology appliances. Today’s equivalent of Mirai is a malware piece known as BrickerBot, which, like its predecessor, attacks and corrupts Linux based software devices– the only […]

Supporting The Digital Change: Insights in Infrastructure

It is safe to say that digital transformation is a prominent fixture in the future strategic planning of businesses today, and companies are continuously spending more time and money on digitalisation for added efficiency and cost-effectiveness. A significant investment for both old and new organisations is technology in the form of IoT, robotics and data […]

Is Genetics the New Big Thing in Oil Detection ?

The starting point to any oil drilling and retrieval process is detecting the most profitable areas with the highest yield. Traditionally, to identify these areas technical solutions such as spectrometers, seismic waves, and satellite imagery have been used. Today, finding oil is more crucial than ever due to the rapidly depleting resources of the active […]

Has Japan just discovered the new energy trend ?

In 2011, Japan experienced a disaster that not only disturbed the communities around the country but also created a severe shortage in energy sources. The Fukushima Nuclear disaster was one of a kind and prompted the country to shut down all nuclear reactors – all but two immediately, and the remaining ones soon after – […]

From Ocean Waste To Diesel Fuel

Over the last year, Dashboard has been actively following the news around fuel production and reporting on the most innovative developments in the field. This topic is close to our core values and we aim to share the best of it with our stakeholders. As a modern business, we are also very keen on innovative […]

The digital oilfield’s virtual drafting table

Whilst the digital oilfield has become ever more common over the last few years within the oil and gas industry, there are still barriers to its full implementation. Some of these barriers are related to cost, reluctance to change and/or a lack of available information to adapt the newest technology. Sometimes, the pre-existing image that […]

The Floating Wind Farm – an opportunity or a waste of money ?

The concept of a floating wind farm has existed since the early 1970s but the first large-capacity, operational water-based wind turbine was not built until nearly 40 years later in 2009. Hywind, as it is called, is situated in the North Sea and was installed by Statoil; it continues to be fully operational today. The […]

IoT – the analytical business intelligence approach

Business intelligence (BI) is a concept alongside big data, IoT and smart analytics that has captured the attention of the analytical industry. Unlike big data, which focuses on large, complicated chunks of analytics, business intelligence aims to analyse sets of data across different areas such as, software applications, infrastructure and sophisticated tools. This enables rapid […]

Valves Report: Dashboard’s Response

The valve market is enormous – there are numerous types of valves for a multitude of purposes, from pressure control to tank protecting models and the demand for them is constant. In the latter half of March, TMR Research published a market report on control valves. It included a trend analysis, industry overview, growth predictions […]

Combining Batteries and Supercapacitors

In a ‘push and pull’ type of a relationship, supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries have been in near direct competition since they emerged. Supercapacitors can charge in a few short seconds but carry relatively small amounts of energy while batteries work in reverse. Both alternatives have undergone a number of improvements but have never quite managed […]

Mindbox DB – Dashboard selected to pitch in Berlin…

Dashboard was approached by DB Mindbox to apply for their accelerator. We went through the application process, and of 138 applicants, Dashboard is one of 13 selected to progress to the pitch next week. We will be attending to pitch dashboard, and look to apply the Dashboard end-to-end IIoT capability to specific rail based use cases. […]

Looking Back on IT Infrastructure

The science of information technology (IT) has a rapid, front facing nature and it continues to move forward at a relenting pace, always seeking out new and innovative ideas. New and improved IT systems are being created all the time however, even if all present and historical data is moved onto these innovative systems, quite […]

Algae Biofuels Making Traditional Oil Sustainable

Finding a sustainable greener energy solution is often linked to the 21st century, with methods like wind and solar energy, or perhaps even geothermal or hydropower. But while these can be hard to come by and still have some bridges to cross, there is “the middle road,” which combines relative environment friendliness with traditional oil technology. […]

From Solar Energy to Solar Fuels

With the world becoming more and more aware of the importance of sustainable energy with each day, new technologies and methodologies have become a priority. There is a relatively short timeframe in which impact on the environment should be reduced and scientists are rushing to develop alternatives to conventional processes. These then attract the attention […]

Why IoT is not just another isolation tool

IoT can seem like just another very individuating approach to technology and a follow up to systems like self-check-outs, noise-cancelling headphones and intelligent personal assistants like Siri or Alexa. This growing independency and isolation is the subject of many a scholarly article about how technology is isolating rather than connecting us and that IoT is […]

The O&G Invasion of Robotics

If asked, most professionals of the oil and gas industry would likely say that the next big thing in the sector will be enhanced oil recovery (EOR), operation systems along with their new platforms and big data. Sure enough, all three are experiencing a surge in popularity, particularly among top companies but another progression that […]

MWC 2017 Mission Accomplished

March 2017: Dashboard Limited, headquartered in Exeter in Devon, took a team of 7 to Mobile World Congress (MWC in Barcelona, the world’s leading annual communications event which now attracts well over 100,000 visitors annually (108,000 in 2017) from 208 countries and is a ‘must do’ attend for the leading tech players and influencers. […]

Green to Grey – How False Sustainability Ate £450m

Last August Dashboard wrote about green energy’s black sides – how despite the hype and positive media coverage it is not nearly as environmentally friendly as it is made out to be. Now, a new report by Duncan Brack explores how one of the conventionally regarded as green methods, woody biomass, has the opposite effect. Brack, […]

MWC 2017 – Dashboard part of the UK representatives

As Mobile World Congress progresses, members of the Dashboard team are busy meeting, greeting and speaking with key companies to build greater relations and cement partnerships that will help accelerate our progress and success. Picture here are other UK exhibitors and the Right Honourable Greg Hands (centre with red tie) Minister for International Trade. The […]

Dashboard lands in Barcelona

The team touched down in Barcelona on Sunday to be fresh and ready Monday for the start of MWC17. With lots of meetings booked, seminars to attend and general networking, the event looks to be a busy week for the whole team. We are looking forward to meeting new people and making new connections.

The All in One of Energy Harvesting

How energy can be created from renewable sources is still a topic that causes awe and intrigue around communities and is often discussed in TED talks, professional seminars and corporate lectures. It is at the peak of its popularity in terms of adoption and new innovation with announcements virtually on a weekly basis, if not […]

Is the future of batteries ice packed ?

Dashboard has recently published a number of articles concerning batteries and new solutions for energy sources, as this is an important area of innovation for us. Diving into bacteria-powered batteries, AI connected batteries and supercapacitor battery alternatives, we have reported on the latest news and scientific discoveries. Now they all fall under the same threat […]

EIC Issues Initiative on British Energy Supply Chain

Britain’s leading trade association for suppliers of energy companies Energy Industries Council (EIC) has commenced its initiative on understanding the UK’s energy infrastructure. Branded “UK Energy Supply Chain: How to Survive and Thrive Initiative” it was launched on 15th January, lead by CEO Stuart Broadley. It aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the ever-growing needs […]

Data Infrastructure – Innovation isn’t always user friendly

Innovation is no easy feat but sometimes it must be given direction and defined limits to ensure it can be converted to useful concepts, services or products. Where necessary, it should be given a second look and reworked to deliver a more developed and better designed version. This is particularly applicable in data infrastructure, where […]

IoT Application Security – A concern and an inspiration

IoT is decidedly an intelligent new form of technological evolution but it has had its setbacks in its relatively short existence. Namely this comprises security, which has been an area of concern since its creation. This supporting technology is now being looked at through a magnifying glass. Recently, IoT applications have grown rapidly but the […]

Modern UK technologies on the rise

On January 23rd, Theresa May presented the UK with the latest industrial strategy. The announcement highlighted how the government will heavily invest and encourage robotics, AI and 5G wireless internet. The plan will benefit from a £4.7 billion growth in funding for research and development (R&D), which will also take into account smart energy technology, […]

Oil Industry to Look Into 3D Printing

Dashboard has been speaking, writing and promoting the positive effects of the digital oilfield since its very founding. Not only do we think it is the only way going forward but we also see it as just one way of how technology should be incorporated into oil and gas permanently. Despite the news we have […]

Mobile World Congress 2017

Dashboard will be attending the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with the aim of generating new opportunities and relationships between suppliers, manufacturers, complimentary value added providers, all whilst introducing our innovative Data Platform, Geospatial Infrastructure Asset Plotting, Management and Monitoring coupled with our unique Analytics and Visualisation interfaces.

Subsea Expo 2017 – Dashboard in Aberdeen

Pete Stirling (CDO) and Piers Corfield (CEO) and Alastair Maclachlan (Dashboard industry advisor) attended the 2017 Subsea Expo in Aberdeen. The event, an internationally renowned showcase in advanced engineering/technology for the subsea Oil & Gas industry, has been very well attended. In addition to the exhibition, the Dashboard team has been attending a series of […]

Bacteria-Powered Batteries for Disposable Electronics

Bio-batteries have always been an area of interest for scientists and electronics developers alike but no solution has so far managed to beat the traditional lithium-ion batteries. Despite their relative harmful effect on the environment and lack of usage sustainability, they have been a favourite among consumers since their creation. It can be predicted that […]

Solar Energy to Take Over Mining Sites

Dashboard regularly posts articles about the latest news and innovations from a wide variety of industries, including renewable energy and mining. Rarely however do we get the chance to see these two technologies interacting, as it has not been commonplace to employ modernist methods in the traditional processes of mining. This however seems to be […]

Rushlight Event 25th January 2017

Dashboard successfully pitched its oil and gas pipeline condition monitoring technology at the Rushlight Event Innovation Showcase, held at the Royal College of Surgeons on 25th Jan. Dashboard was invited to present its technology to potential partners and investors. The day kicked off with networking in the exhibition hall where there was an impressive range of innovations on show. […]

Dashboard to open Bristol office in Unit DX

On Monday 23rd January Pete Stirling and Piers Corfield visited Unit DX ( in Bristol, the ground-breaking science and engineering incubator which is the brainchild of Harry Destecroix ( of Ziylo – (a start-up company from Bristol University) the scale of ambition is significant. Harry commented ‘we needed top grade laboratory space for Ziylo and wanted to […]

Separating Success from Failure

It’s a cliché that success and failure are separated by a fine line, and often a heavy dose of good fortune. But it is also true that you make your own luck by doing the right things right more often than the other guy. And that is never more true than in business; especially an […]

IoT-minded LTE broadens

With the speed in development of technology, telecommunications and IoT, efficiency has become the key word. Every product and new solution must capitalise on how efficient it is saving money and effort, but most importantly of all speed. This is a very basic requirement that consumers and producers alike require today and will quickly dismiss […]

The (hidden) future of data storing

When you think of a data centre, what typically comes to mind is a room of considerable size filled with rows upon rows of computers, controllers and power supplies. Depending on the specific purpose of the data centre it can take up a whole building, where it stores information, back ups, servers and other kinds […]

Dashboard CEO travels the globe to share IoT knowledge

Piers Corfield, CEO of Exeter-based Internet of Things firm Dashboard, has travelled the globe to share his knowledge and expertise at an international conference in Saudi Arabia. Piers was invited to the Arabian Venture Forum to introduce and talk about Dashboard Limited, an innovative Internet of Things firm offering remote monitoring services to energy and technology […]

Stanford University Developing AI Lithium-ion Batteries

A few months ago, in October of 2016, Dashboard published an article on Samsung’s catastrophe regarding lithium-ion batteries and how they caught fire, leading to a wide-scale recall. Even though the occurrence had been a very unfortunate one, we argued it could be a great opportunity for the battery industry that had made nearly no […]

The Grand Challenge of Energy Meets Emerging Technology

It is a universal prediction that by 2040 the global energy consumption will have increased by 56% compared to the levels of 2010. Projected by The U.S. Energy Information Administration, the prediction shines a light on problems of production, sustainability, storage and conversion, all of which need some work to be done before the target […]

Public Sector as Source of Infrastructure for IoT

The requirement for various intangible infrastructures in different sectors is growing all around the world as progress happens over time. Often, it is the private sector that provides (or at least heavily supports public endeavours) – the Internet, the majority of energy systems and a huge chunk of Global Information Infrastructure (GII) schemes are the […]

Portable Viscosity Reduction Unit for Oil Reaches Testing Stage

It is increasingly important for oil companies to have equipment that enables swift on-site analysis. It reduces costs and forced inactivity time of the drills and pipelines. It is also simply much more convenient to have it on hand so that if and when problems occur, the solution is never too far away. These are […]

Conversion of Water to Fuel Finally Viable

In late 2016, sunlight, wind and geothermal heat are no longer a surprising source of renewable energy but rather a permanent solution. For example, over the last 40 years since solar energy was first introduced, it has become a self-evident part of society that works alongside other methods. For some time now it has been […]

North Dakota oil leak highlights impending technology need

In the first half of December North Dakota saw the Belle Fourche Pipeline, which carries approximately 1000 barrels of oil per day, rupture and release over 176,000 gallons of oil. It was a hit to the state which has not yet managed to clean up its massive Tesoro Corp spill from 2013 (840,000 gallons of […]

Edge Computing… a force multiplier for change?

Although much of the commentary on the Internet of Things (IoT) is focused on consumer applications, there is a growing awareness of the transformational opportunity presented by Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications underpinned by edge computing. In-field devices are always going to be constrained by two key factors; power and communications and, due to the sheer […]

New Battery Power Alternative a Breakthrough for IoT

Since their invention, batteries of many shapes and forms have been a ground-breaking discovery, used everywhere from phones and household appliances to sizeable vehicles. Often, they are the go-to power solution in the development of new gadgets for their ease of use, durability and convenience but in a few years’ time they could be replaced […]

Norms-based contracting set to take over the oil industry?

There is little the oil industry has not attempted in the search for cost reductions. Over time, it has continued to introduced new technologies and reformed old systems but sometimes it takes something as simple as a fresh look at conventional processes to save millions. This is exactly what has happened with the introduction of […]

Watson’s Transformation of Energy Management

Ten years ago, in 2006 IBM’s principal investigator David Ferrucci tested a question-answering system that was meant to respond to the clues of a quiz show but only performed at a correct rate of 15%. Two years later the same machine competed with real life champions at a higher speed and swifter information processing rate. […]

A New Direction for IoT in SaaS

Cost efficiency – it is always a topic of conversation where IoT is mentioned. IoT saves money, time and effort for the customer and leads to better results for the user. Yet IoT is constantly changing and with new methods come new benefits – sometimes even for the provider too. SaaS, or Software as a […]

The Power of SolarCoin

The now familiar crypto currency, Bitcoin, is known around the world and used by over 10 million people. As one of the first of its kind it had a struggle first to gain market traction and is still not quite as popular as predicted at the time of its launch, yet it is a very […]

Integrated Infrastructure in Mining

In a race to save costs and maximise profit, mining companies have often chosen to work individually and not even considered cooperation with others as a viable option. Yet it might be time for them to open their eyes to a possibility of sharing some aspects of their operations. This is visible in a trend […]

Digitalising engineering to lower oil sands cost

It is no secret that oil drilling and pumping is a financially demanding process but it is even more so when it is a question of oil sands. They not only require a substantially larger amount of water and energy in the drilling stage but the extracted oil then needs to be either upgraded to […]

Scientists prolong solar energy storage time

As exciting as solar energy and cells are, they are still facing two major complications before they can produce sufficient or even abundant power. The two problems circle around the technology not being cost effective enough and the power charge not storing long enough to be available on demand. Achieving cost effectiveness may still be […]

Energy Internet – an American Dream?

The term “energy internet” (EI) is relatively new today. It hasn’t been used on a large scale quite yet and is nearly totally unknown to the average consumer. If the idea of EI comes true as predicted and with all the expectations of the people behind it, it will certainly sink its roots into the […]

The Imminent Need for a Mining Network

Perhaps one of the last of the natural resource industries to adapt IT and subsequently IoT is the mining industry. Two of the industry’s largest companies, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, are now showing commitment to this new integration of technology, e.g. automation, into their business model – and have done so in one location […]

Dashboard’s commentary on “The IoTrojan Horse – an army of toasters”

The one major factor holding back IoT is security concerns and standards that come in the wake of it. As devices become smarter and have more conformable ability to connect, their firewall systems aren’t always up to date and cyber attacks are a reality of the modern society. Hacking into devices, stealing confidential data and […]

The O&G Fight for East Africa

Although oil and gas drilling sites have spread all over the world, from Saudi-Arabia to Canada and Russia, the industry can still be reluctant to set up new operations. They are costly, time consuming and require a huge amount of resources. So it may come as a bit of a surprise that big companies are […]

Heat Generation to Further Reduce Emissions

Thousands of years ago, when early humans felt cold they would burn wood to warm themselves, the heat creation process was a ground breaking discovery back then. Today it is not always self-evident with the race to be the most effective while spending less, when less is anything but simple. Now it seems it has […]

Looking at the Internet of Vehicles

IoT can be broken down into many smaller sections – oil, energy, food, money, you name it – and Dashboard keenly monitors the development of these areas as well as general trends. One of the most important areas is, in our opinion, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and its future. IoV is a collective term […]

Sensor cloud – steps in infrastructure

Conventionally cloud databases are used for storing media files, large chunks of text and various analysed pieces of data, which require nearly limitless storage. Traditionally it will take the path from generation to processing, to finally storing in the cloud, a process that can take anywhere from minutes to years, depending on the properties of […]

Virtual Power Stations are nearly here – what you need to know

Amongst the countless innovations in the field of energy production over the last few years, Virtual Power Stations are perhaps the most connective. Combining technologies from at least two dissimilar power sources, VPSs guarantee a constant power supply regardless of variables such as weather and consumption. VPSs have their positive sides as well as negative […]

Joint Industry Projects – Canada

SRC Two members of Dashboard’s Technical team; Andy Philp (Programme Manager) and Steve Webber (Senior Technical Architect) recently visited SRC’s (Saskatchewan Research Council) Pipe Flow Technology Centre ( to discuss the forthcoming JIP (Joint Industry Project) and the test/validation work for Dashboard’s Pipeline Integrity Technology is due to be carried out at the Saskatoon site. In the […]

Samsung’s Catastrophe – an opportunity for the battery industry

During the last month, the news has been everywhere: Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, which were supposed to be the company’s response to iPhone 7, have gone up in flames – quite literally. The new model experienced issues of melting, exploding and smoking in more than one instance, and after a global recall, the […]

CoInnovate Event Cardiff, October 2016

CoInnovate a two-day event run by Wales-based company IQE hosted in Cardiff, brings together a wealth of innovative companies both large and small to develop new relationships and explore new opportunities within the technologies sector. Part of the event is “Pitch Live! enabling participating companies to present and showcase their latest ideas and visions, it is judged […]

Internship Programme at Dashboard

As part of broadening Dashboard’s Social Responsibility Programme, we are proud to introduce our Internship Programme. Working together with University of Exeter, we are bringing the brightest young talent of tomorrow into our company and providing them with an opportunity to develop their skills and interests in a stimulating environment. Ranging from engineering to web […]

Digital Oilfield to solve Canada’s cost problem

The Digital Oilfield has been helping the oil and gas industry with increasing popularity for some time now. It has facilitated many processes and helped cut costs, proven by numerous case studies and testimonies. Now it could be on track to save parts of the Canadian oil industry, which has hit a particularly rough patch […]

International Pipeline Conference Calgary 2016

IPC 2016 has been an unqualified success for Dashboard. The Dashboard team, comprising of Piers Corfield (President of Dashboard Canada/CEO),  Lars Hinrichs (Canadian Director of Dashboard Canada) Pete Stirling (Chief Product Officer) Dana Parkins (Account Manager) Andy Philp (Programme Manager) and Steve Webber (Senior Technical Architect) have spent a total of two and a half […]

From greenhouses to green plants

As governments drive green policies, the average person becoming more and more environmentally aware, scientists put forwards their best efforts at creating the opportunities for sustainable living. The latest focus is on greenhouses, or more precisely on their transformation into power plants. The innovation comes from North Carolina State University (NCSU), where a team of […]

Accurate Wind Simulation to Facilitate Grid Connection

With efforts to increase renewable energy output and percentage in nationwide supply, unforeseen problems are uncovered simultaneously. In the industry, it is a constant push and pull between a surge of development and fixing the by-product issue that emerges; and such is the case in wind energy production at the moment. Compared to traditional nuclear […]

Remote Control: New Steps in Mining

Over the past few years, remote wiring companies have been trying to develop a crawler tractor that would fit mining purposes, but also be remotely controllable. This comes as a particular priority with Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) installing new regulations concerning operators in the field. MSHA’s regulations have never been anything but a […]

Dashboard featured in the BBC front page articles

On Monday, September 19th Dashboard was linked by an article visible on the BBC front page. The article, written under the category of technology, is headed “Tech Talent: Map of the UK’s digital clusters”. It discusses the clustering of tech companies all over the UK, focussing on the cities of over a minimum of 7000 […]

Machine Learning

When two new and exciting technological innovations are paired together, the results can be ground breaking: the marriage between phones and copy machines brought us fax machines and satellites’ union with portable screens gave us GPS. While today they may be ordinary everyday devices, at the time of their invention they were all cutting edge […]

UAVs in Oil and Gas – steps in commercial use

UAVs – unmanned aerial vehicles, or more commonly, drones – have been the big thing in non commercial usage for over a century. The military, in particular, have taken full advantage of UAVs and their cost-saving, and continue to be the largest user to date. UAVs have, however, started to become more and more popular […]

The Holy Trinity of IoT, The Cloud, and Big Data

IoT, The Cloud and Big Data are all enormous, state-of-the-art concepts, undergoing constant development and growth. While The Cloud and Big Data are well known among the masses, IoT is a tad more obscure. No matter how early a stage it is at currently, it has rooted itself as one of the three massive streams […]

The IoT gap between the industry and consumers

As digital industry professionals plough on with developing IoT gadgets, connectivity and batteries, the value of IoT as a concept keeps skyrocketing. Its walls are constantly stretched and edges reshaped to adjust to the latest innovations and breakthroughs. Amongst all of this, the IoT circle has overseen one central area of day to day business […]

Dashboard’s Interview with Alastair Maclachlan

CDO of Dashboard, Richard Watts speaks with Senior Oil & Gas Pipeline Engineer, Alastair Maclachlan discussing his views of the Oil & Gas industry. Subscribe and find out more at:

Intern Insights Fred Chan

An insight into our Digital Intern – Pui Faat Chan on Dashboard internship program. Subscribe and find out more at:

Dashboard’s Intern Insight Eshny Beeharry

An insight into our Engineering Intern – Eshny Beeharry on Dashboard internship program. Subscribe and find out more at:

Dashboard’s Intern Insight Namuun Enkhtur

An insight into our Data Analytics Intern – Namuun Enkhtur on Dashboard internship program. Subscribe and find out more at:

Lithium batteries enabling wireless IoT

While Internet of Things(IoT) is said to be the greatest innovation since the World Wide Web, it is also undisputable that it faces many problems. One of these is how smaller devices would function for hours on end without a wire to connect it to a power source. IoT devices would most likely consume an […]

Light power to be the next big thing in power generation?

When it comes to renewable energy and its production, the options are limited. Often times, it comes down to solar and/or wind energy, despite there being other solutions out there. Biomass, biofuels and hydroelectricity are often dismissed as a less viable. Recently, researchers at Griffith University (world top 3%) in Brisbane, Australia have discovered “significant […]

Dashboard’s commentary on “How can IoT ensure that Oil pipelines run smoothly?”

IoT specialist Naveen Joshi recently published an article describing the effect of IoT on oil pipelines. What makes the article of particular interest is that Joshi never once mentions digital oilfield as a whole, but instead chooses to break it down into parts. He explains the catalyst effects of systems such as SCADA and TAMI […]

Dashboard’s commentary on “Unlock the value of the Internet of Things with the 2016 Vodafone IoT Barometer”

Vodafone’s Internet of Things department has once again conducted their big annual IoT Barometer, this year round with over 1000 respondents of senior management level. The focus for this issue is keys to IoT’s business value. The focus is very relevant. Many sources often state how important it is to adopt IoT, or how much […]

The Black Side of Green Energy

With the emergence of green power generation technologies, there has been lots of talk about the positive sides. Power generation through solar or wind power, for example, is sustainable and cost effective in the long run, and the green house gas emissions are minimal. There technologies are widely considered to be the best option out […]

Dashboard’s commentary on “Internet of Things can have massive impact on Oil & Gas”

“…yet, as Cisco recently reported, only half of the companies in the industry leverage data for effective decision making; fewer than one-third can deliver the right information to the right place in a timely manner; fewer than one-fifth are connecting people in more relevant and value-added ways; and only one in 14 companies is integrating [...]

Dashboard’s commentary on “4 Major Technical Challenges Facing IoT Developers”

Sitepoint recently published an article highlighting the biggest technical challenges IoT is facing. The challenges have been broken down into four groups: security, privacy, connectivity and compatibility/longevity. The article discusses what form these challenges might take, and gives insight to what the industry may do to avoid them. The concerns regarding security find hacking to […]

IoT in Mining – A South African Perspective

As IoT has developed rapidly in the recent years, many industries have benefitted from the added speed, efficiency and connectivity it has brought along. One of these industries is mining, which could be subject to many an improvement, yet can at times be slow to incorporate new technology. At the core of every business is […]

White Papers

From the cloud to fog: an alternative

With every step IoT takes, all technologies even remotely related strive to follow. This ranges from security to power generation, and in this case, storage. Yet another alternative to cloud services has recently emerged to take over IoT devices: Fog computing is engaging people by storm. Fog computing takes the data analysis and processing away […]

Piers Corfield at the Stampede Investment Forum

In the beginning of July, our CEO Piers Corfield travelled to Calgary, Canada, for the annual Stampede Investment Forum. Held over three days, this year it hosted over 60 executives from all over the world, offering them a chance to discuss Alberta’s investment opportunities in oil and gas as well as other industries.   Mayor […]

The Genesis of Dashboard

Piers Corfield’s first interview as CEO of Dashboard Limited, talks about the genesis of Dashboard and the future of IoT. Subscribe and find out more at:

Drowning in data – O&G’s missed opportunity

In today’s rapidly automising world it is often emphasised how companies should invest into data gathering devices to know their process and product better. This particularly comes up in terms of IoT and remote monitors and sensors. One company after another race to incorporate the latest innovation hoping to collect more information about the operations. […]

Team Day, Flight Simulator – Quadrant Systems, June 2016

The executive leadership team of Dashboard recently attended Quadrant Systems as part of a comprehensive TDT (Team Dynamics Training) exercise designed/delivered by the Alderbrooke Group as part of their TeamScope program. The mission was designed to stress test the team’s collective dynamics by learning to fly a Boeing A737 commercial airliner using a professional flight […]

SetSquared Open Innovation Showcase 22 June 2016

Dashboard successfully pitched its oil and gas pipeline condition monitoring technology at the Set Squared Open Innovation Showcase.  As a member of the Set Squared partnership, the no1 ranked university business incubator, Dashboard was also invited to exhibit its technology to potential partners and investors. The day kicked off with networking in the exhibition hall where there was an impressive range […]

Best Presentation – Impact Startup Fest

Dashboard scoops the Best Presentation Award at Impact Startup Fest.

Impact Startup Fest – The Hague Holland

On Thursday 26th May, Dashboard was invited to present at Impact Startup Fest ( held in the Innovation Quarter of The Hague in Holland. The event was run in tandem with the two day Cleantech Summit, attracting many of the leading lights in the European Cleantech innovation sector, in front of a handpicked (prestigious) audience […]

Canopy Boston 2016

Our visit to Boston was to explore the potential for Dashboard entering the US market via the East Coast, engaging with the strong investment/academic cluster centred on Boston. Our hosts for the mission were Canopy Somerville, a unique community focused on entrepreneurial co-working space/business acceleration dedicated to supporting innovators and Start-Up companies. Whilst visiting Boston, we had meetings with […]

Fabrica de Startups – Lisbon, Portugal 27th to 29th April 2016

We had a stimulating and encouraging time at Fabrica de Startup having presented to over 100 potential investors and strategic partners, with positive responses and further engagement scheduled to progress our growth plans. With Portugal playing a major role in global business relationships within the EU, coupled with strong links in South America encompassing all […]

Red Herring finalist for Top 100 Europe Award

Dashboard announced today it has been selected as a finalist for Red Herring’s Top 100 Europe award, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the European business region. The Red Herring editorial team selected the most innovative companies from a pool of hundreds from across Europe. The nominees are evaluated […]

Dashboard back in Canada for PROPEL Energy Tech Forum – 16th & 17th March 2016

After the success of our first trip, we opened an office in Calgary to provide a formal base of operations for team members visiting from the UK and for Lars Hinrichs our Business Development Manager for North America. Piers Corfield our CEO returns to Calgary for the PROPEL Energy Tech Forum, having had a broad […]

Caught In Their Own Web

Over the past few years much has been written about the security challenges posed by the adoption of the Internet of Things and how such systems might introduce new vulnerabilities into SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) systems. Doomsday scenarios popularised by Hollywood in which dams are hacked or power stations destroyed by terrorist hackers […]

Ahead of the curve

Dashboard is progressing rapidly towards establishing itself as a trusted provider of data analytics solutions to industry. Whilst the focus has initially been the significant addressable opportunities within the Oil and Gas industry, our data analytics credentials are starting to get noticed by other sectors, including Water, Renewables and Food Production. The power of the […]

Dashboard in Canada, fall 2015

November saw an important international mission for Phil Doherty (COO) Simon Jones (CSO and Piers Corfield (CEO). Admittedly the meticulous planning for the excursion was thrown a curve ball when we were offered the opportunity to present to Saudi Aramco ventures in London, compounded by an invitation to meet with BP the following day. As […]

Dashboard Values

There’s a lot of talk around businesses about the importance of organisational Values, and a great deal of work is undertaken to define them and implement programmes to reinforce them. Sadly, often, much of this work is wasted because critical ground work is not done to establish the starting point from which a coherent Values […]

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