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Dashboard’s partners

Working together

Diversity of thought, through collaboration, multiplies possibilities.

We work alongside a network of partners who bring their own speciality knowledge and ideas. As a partner ecosystem, we work together to tackle current and future industrial challenges.

Industry partners


Worley is the leading specialist in pipeline infrastructure and one of the largest engineering providers for the global energy market. With thousands of the world’s brightest minds in energy, chemicals and resources, Worley is working to deliver solutions for a more sustainable world. With a passion for bringing a sustainable solution to the energy market, we’re excited to collaborate with Worley to bring our intelligent industry solutions to market.


Penspen has provided engineering, project management, asset management and integrity services to the energy industry across the world for over 65 years. Penspen’s roots were established in onshore pipeline engineering and they have been involved in major pipeline projects around the world since.

National Engineering Laboratory

The National Engineering Laboratory, or NEL, is a test and certification facility run by the TÜV SÜD group, and a world-class provider of flow measurement to the energy, oil and gas sectors. As the holder of the UK’s National Standards for flow and density measurement, NEL are one of the foremost authorities on flow measurement issues in the world today, making them the ideal partner to test and develop our solution.

National Physical Laboratory

The National Physical Laboratory, or NPL, is a UK research laboratory funded by the government. Their world-leading measurement solutions accelerate research and innovation, improving quality of life and enabling trade. Working with NPL’s cutting-edge measurement science allows us to test the performance of our solution.


An award-winning cybersecurity company, KETS are passionate about solving real world security problems using quantum technologies. KETS deliver next generation cybersecurity tools using quantum states of light which result in unrivalled performance advantages over conventional communication systems.

Hartree Centre

The Hartree Centre is a UK-based world leader in high-performance computing, data analytics and AI. Their emerging technologies show significant opportunities for UK industry to revolutionise processes. They also provide the tools academic researchers need to push the boundaries of pioneering UK and international science.

React ai

React AI are experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and data science. Their team of experts provide consultancy and bespoke development in these areas and we have partnered with them to develop our advanced AI, ML and data-analytics.

IT Dev

ITDev is an award winning supplier of software and electronic engineering services across the UK, Europe and beyond. With a wealth of industry experience gained from over 300 projects and engagements, IT Dev are ideal partners to support the development of our proprietary field hardware.

Set squared partnership

Dashboard takes advantage of its home in Exeter by partnering with SET Squared, a collaboration between five leading research-led universities in the UK: Surrey, Southampton, Bath, Bristol, and Exeter. SET Squared provides a wide range of programmes to support innovation and entrepreneurism.

Eagle Labs

Barclays Eagle Labs is on a mission to make the UK the best place to start and grow businesses by promoting entrepreneurship. An award-winning initiative that supports UK businesses, our partnership with Eagle Labs allowed us to take advantage of their range of services that help innovative start-ups build and scale.

Innovate UK

Innovate UK is the UK's innovation agency and part of UK Research and Innovation, a non-departmental public body funded by a grant-in-aid from the UK government. It is the UK’s largest public funder of research and innovation and we have won and received multiple grants that have helped us grow.

Exeter College

Found less than five miles from our offices, Exeter College is a leader in STEM education and we’re proud to partner with them on their apprenticeship programmes. We have recruited a number of their talented graduate apprentices in our team who are innovating industrial processes for the intelligent age.

Brunel Innovation Centre

The Brunel Innovation Centre (BIC) is a world-leading research and technology centre. BIC helps industry by conducting research on a variety of subjects, including artificial intelligence, digital twin technology, ultrasonics and the IoT and data analysis. Our partnership with BIC helps us transform our ideas into reality.

Established and run by former Royal Marines, Mission Mindset use their operational experience to help companies across industry, commerce and sport form high performance teams. In late 2020, Mission Mindset ran an Elite Leadership Development Programme for the team to help develop a tailored approach to drive productivity and growth.

Securious are cyber security experts that help businesses improve their systems, achieve accreditations and educate their team. Dashboard is working towards full ISO27001 certification with Securious' support, and strives to be at the forefront of innovation in ultra-secure pipeline monitoring and analysis.

Join us

We’re always open to new partnerships. Please get in touch if you think we would work well together.