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Edge computing

Dashboard's advanced edge computer analyses data at the edge of the network instead of within the cloud itself.

How does edge computing work with Dashboard’s IIoT platform?

Situated within an ATEX rated enclosure is our advanced edge computer. It is based around a pair of powerful ARM processors. These manage a host of functionalities, including:

  • Monitoring the pipe depending on the loadout of the nearby installed Limpet Collar.
  • Performing limited data analysis at the edge for early warnings and alerts.
  • Communicating with the cloud, with encrypted Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite links as options.
  • Maintaining local data backups so communications downtime does not result in lost information.
  • Managing power systems and energy harvesting to minimise both calendar and cycle aging of the battery and offer exceptional time between service requirements.
  • Performing extensive self-monitoring to quickly identify Limpet installation issues. Once flagged, an operator has the data needed to address the issue.
Edge computing abstract illustration