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Intelligent bridges

Forewarned is forearmed. In the age of intelligent industry, the future is predictable when you have access to the data. 

Across the world there are a huge number of legacy bridges. These aging constructions face capacity demands far beyond their original design but our modular IIoT solution can upgrade these bridges to ensure they continue meeting the excessive demands of today. 

Intelligent Bridges | Dashboard

The issues legacy bridges face

Bridges are built to last.

Many of these structures that make up our civil networks were constructed long before the age of intelligence and have been subject to variable standards of maintenance throughout the years. A significant number were the result of fast-track construction.

These patchwork repairs are less than ideal, being costly, disruptive and overall they fail to address core faults. 

Bridges are subject to the increasing road, rail and passenger traffic numbers. Year after year we see more vehicles on our roads. In 2019, car traffic increased by 2.2% from 2018 levels and rail use is increasing faster than any other mode of transport. In the last 20 years, rail journeys have increased by 89% to reach a record 1.8 billion journeys in 2018/19. (Source: Department for Transport)

On top of increasing demand, structures are innately vulnerable to landscape changes and the impact of weather. All of these elements have a significant effect on their structural integrity. Regular manual inspection has been a necessary labour and cost intensive solution to curb the catastrophic consequences of bridge system failure.

Besides bridge closure due to failure, planned inspection and long periods of unexpected maintenance can have a huge knock-on effect to those that rely on these networks in their day-to-day lives. The best way to overcome these challenges? Embed an intelligent solution harnessing the data these structures can provide.

Dashboard’s intelligent bridges solution

Our innovative IIoT technology can have a profound impact on civil infrastructure.

Through implementing an intelligent solution, civil engineers are able to predict maintenance, inform inspections with a clear view on the fault or fracture that needs addressing and above all, prevent failure. 

With our expertise in pipeline systems (a similar large-scale infrastructure system), we are developing a comprehensive solution. It is optimised to be installed on existing bridges of varying sizes and scale, making upgrading bridges for the intelligent age as simple and low-cost as possible.

As a responsible and reliable organisation, we are serious about our commitment to moral and ethical standards in all the projects we undertake. We will work alongside our clients to provide a solution that will support regulatory compliance, public safety and promote environmental protection.

Dashboard’s fast, flexible and ready to deploy IIoT Platform

Our intelligent bridges solution is embedded in the IIoT platform we have developed. Designed with the user in mind, our platform combines remote sensing, edge computing, cloud services and data visualisation to deliver value from your data. Our primary goal with this software platform is to help you make the best decisions. 

Find out more about our IIoT solution here.

Contact Dashboard to discuss our IIoT solution for civil engineering

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One of our team will be in touch to fully assess your requirements and then provide feedback on how we can best work together.