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Intelligent bridges

Dashboard has identified other sectors in which our technology can have an impact. Road infrastructure and its maintenance is critical to the sustainability of civil networks.

Across the world there are a huge number of legacy bridges. These aging constructions are facing capacity demands far beyond their original design. Many have suffered variable maintenance over the years. A significant number were the result of fast-track construction. Often, to replace infrastructure damaged as a result of armed conflict.

The inspection of such civil infrastructure is both time-consuming and labour/cost intensive. The same goes for repairs on these constructions. However, the consequences of bridge system failure can be catastrophic. Bridges are a large structure, subject to the demands of road/rail/passenger traffic. They are innately vulnerable to landscape change and the impact of weather. All of these elements have a significant impact on their structural integrity.

Dashboard, with the benefit of expertise in pipeline systems (a similar large-scale infrastructure system), is developing a comprehensive solution. It is optimised for installation to existing bridges of multiple types. Firstly, bridge intelligence informs inspection and maintenance. This enables specialised resources to target priority tasks.

We wish to be a responsible and reliable organisation. The impact of changes made to existing infrastructure is of importance to us. Dashboard is serious about its commitment to moral and ethical standards in its projects. Completion of all projects will support regulatory compliance, public safety and environmental protection.

Bridge at sunrise in Lisbon, Portugal

Photo by Tamas Gabor on