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Intelligent turbines

Dashboard is looking to solve industry's toughest problems. A case in point is wind turbine components.

Over three quarters of wind turbine failures are the result of gearbox bearing failure. This has the consequence of losses made in both repairs and energy generation. We have identified efficient inspection and maintenance as fundamental to maximising operational returns.

For the past twenty years root cause analysis has been extensively used to identify issues in hardware faults. Problem solvers try to find the earliest possible indications of prospective system failure. Today’s solutions build on this proven success.

We would like to explore a detailed analysis of vibration/acoustic signature. At the same time, we will enrich this with data captured by the existing systems. The resulting insights will enable the predictive maintenance of the machinery and components. This will keep wind turbine generation at peak capacity for longer. The added benefit to business will be twofold. First, minimising costs, and then extending the operational life of the asset.

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