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Software and data science

Getting software developed can be a busy, involved project. We cut through the noise of systems, protocols, and servers by leveraging our expertise in those areas to deliver value to the user.  

Find out more about how our software engineers can work with you to identify your user needs and deliver an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform that's tailored to your business needs.  

Our software and data science services

Our software development differs from other consultancies, with a focus on maximising value for the user.

We do this by focusing on four core tenets that we have used as a base in our IPMS (Intelligent Pipeline Management System) platform.


  • With so many systems, we want to streamline the decision-making process by centralising the data 


  • Data is not human ready, we work with you to humanise the inputs to help deliver value from your data  


  • Using data already available we can quickly gather and deliver insight using modern data analysis tools and libraries  


  • Predictions, deep learning, are all powerful tools, we want to move this one step up and give users the freedom to look into the future to make the best decisions they can  

Our software engineers don't want to churn out just another IIoT platform. Their aim is to deliver an intelligent, accessible and focused system which drives value to the user.  

Our team utilises a few languages and services as standard. The languages that went into IPMS are JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Golang and C++. Using the combination of these modern and powerful languages allows us to take any problem and solve it with a focus on value.  

We also make use of services such as PostgreSQL, Docker, Redis, Kafka and MQTT. All these technologies are used by some of the biggest names in tech. These are the foundation of our recommended tech stack on any project.  

Our recommended tech stack has been developed over several IIoT projects and can handle data from any source or type and at any rate. Building your project on this tech stack is fast, efficient and leverages some of the best open-source technologies available.  

We can work with you in many areas or phases in a software lifecycle and here are some of the areas we excel in:  

  • Data Ingestion   
  • Software Design  
  • Software Architecture  
  • Software Development  
  • Software Security  
  • Data Visualisation  
  • Data Analysis  
  • Predictive Analysis  
  • Machine Learning  
  • AI Development  

 To deliver all this we have a practical and realistic approach to programme delivery and project management. We keep this updated and focused on our goal of maximising value for you.  

Our process to ensure we deliver value

As with all development processes, it starts with a consultancy.

The consultancy is the crucial step which allows us to dig into the use cases, problems and questions. We use this time with you to drive, refine and deliver a concise and focused specification.  

Depending on what type of data we are working with, we may also suggest a data-exploratory step. This time allows us to expand on the consultancy phase in a practical sense; with a particular focus on understanding the considerations around your data.   

We will then build a series of work packages, and deliver them using Agile methodologies. One of our delivery team will lead this to ensure that deadlines, budgets and other considerations are met.  

At every stage, you will have access to the product for review, comment or other feedback. Our goal during development is to get feedback fast which in turn makes for fast development.  

The final stage is deployment and support. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, our deployment process is secure, efficient and scalable, regardless of infrastructure.  

Why work with Dashboard to develop your IIoT platform

We are passionate about software, data and empowering users to make better decisions faster.

We do this by abstracting away complex data structures, automating tasks, analysis, and bringing together existing legacy software and data into an easy-to-understand platform.  

That is what sets Dashboard apart from other software consultancies, we focus on being user-driven. At the end of any project, we want to make sure you are left with a product that suits your needs, your user’s needs and above all, delivers value.  

Contact our software engineering team

If you are developing a new IIoT product or platform then we would be delighted to hear from you.

One of our team will be in touch to first fully assess your requirements and then provide initial feedback.   

If you would like to know more contact us today.