A New Direction for IoT in SaaS

Cost efficiency – it is always a topic of conversation where IoT is mentioned. IoT saves money, time and effort for the customer and leads to better results for the user. Yet IoT is constantly [...]


Machine Learning

When two new and exciting technological innovations are paired together, the results can be ground breaking: the marriage between phones and copy machines brought us fax machines and satellites’ [...]


From the cloud to fog: an alternative

With every step IoT takes, all technologies even remotely related strive to follow. This ranges from security to power generation, and in this case, storage. Yet another alternative to cloud [...]


Canopy Boston 2016

Our visit to Boston was to explore the potential for Dashboard entering the US market via the East Coast, engaging with the strong investment/academic cluster centred on Boston. Our hosts for the [...]

Caught In Their Own Web

Over the past few years much has been written about the security challenges posed by the adoption of the Internet of Things and how such systems might introduce new vulnerabilities into SCADA [...]

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