Piers CorfieldChairman

Founder and principal architect behind the Oil & Gas pipeline integrity solution (Limpet) Piers has been a founding director in three previous tech start-ups (wireless communications, electronic document management and mobile communications) acting as Chief Technology Officer in two of them. An experienced consultant in the field of business and process improvement, the areas of communications, hosted systems architecture, enterprise mobility and electronic security have been the core specialisations of his career to date.

A passionate advocate for the effective and judicious use of technology (particularly in the Business to Business environment) Piers co-founded the South West’s not for profit tech network KaratKrunch in 2000, which achieved national recognition. Always a keen observer of technology trends, Piers has had over 140 articles published to date and is an active contributor to many of the hottest technology debates. Dashboard is the embodiment of 25 years’ experience in the commercialisation of technical solutions and the Internet of Things represents the point of convergence for multiple markets in which he has acquired and demonstrated extensive knowledge.

Meticulous research and preparation, even ahead of the foundation of the company in January 2015, combined with a lean start-up approach and only enabled thanks to the hugely motivated and talented team of individuals (which includes investors) has empowered Dashboard to establish a growing international reputation as one of the rising stars of the Industrial Internet of Things.

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