Tom DimitroffCommercial Director

Tom Dimitroff is a strategy advisor, negotiator, licensed lawyer (Illinois Bar) and senior leader with wide-ranging experience in commercial structuring, project de-risking, M&A and finance.  Tom has spent 23 years working in energy and infrastructure participating on and leading negotiating teams that have structured and delivered globally significant pipeline projects such as the 1 M bpd, 1764 km Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline, the parallel 10 BCM SCP Pipeline, the 10 BCM Trans-Adriatic Pipeline and the 500 kbd Iraq (Kurdistan) to Ceyhan oil pipeline.  He has also advised large-scale companies and governments on de-risking early-stage infrastructure projects across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South Asia, Europe, the Former Soviet Union and the Americas.  As a Senior Advisor to the Roland Berger, GmbH global civil economics and infrastructure team, Tom also has wide-ranging experience working with start-ups and early-stage projects across multiple sectors.  Tom is a recognised authority on cross-border oil and gas pipelines and has authored and edited multiple publications and has spoken widely on energy and infrastructure.

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