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Data Analytics

Our ability to monitor critical process variables for early detection of out-of-step or abnormal process conditions is an essential component …

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Flowrate Measurement

The challenge of accurately monitoring flow on either water pipes and crude oil pipelines has been a challenge from the start …


Internet of Things

At Dashboard, we understand IoT. We know how to capture and, equally importantly, transmit and store the data for visualisation …

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Non Destructive Testing

The field of ultrasonics has a well-proven track record of analysing not merely material integrity identifying flaws, cracks, welding failures and wall thickness but also strain …

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SCADA Integration

Presenting meaningful data in a way that is easy to interpret is critical, as is the incorporation of existing SCADA outputs into our Dashboard visualisation tool …

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The most intuitive and user-friendly process monitoring solutions are rendered worthless unless security of data is understood, and made an inherent component of any platform …

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At Dashboard, we have created a unique and continuous monitoring platform for the Oil, Gas and Utilities sectors – LIMPET …

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