Data Analytics

Over the past 30 years, industry has done an exemplary job of accumulating vast amounts of data and the explosion in IoT devices has only served to exacerbate the problem. Furthermore, this data is often ‘stranded’ in disparate databases, making meaningful analysis complex and time consuming. In short, industry has become data rich but information poor and a recent McKinsey study estimates that less than 1% of data acquired in industrial processes finds its way to informing business intelligence.

Dashboard is ready to meet the industrial challenges that are present in complex production processes. Our ability to monitor critical process variables for early detection of out-of-step or abnormal process conditions is an essential component if businesses are to maximise the lifetime of equipment and reduce operating costs.

Dashboard Analytics enables operators to monitor production and manage operation costs in a variety of ways. Continuous real-time monitoring not only alerts operators to unusual situations but also serves to pre-empt a critical condition before it becomes a failure. Analytics takes the guesswork out of maintenance and operations, reduces downtime and maximizes profitability.

Dashboard Analytics provides the following benefits to the monitoring of industrial processes –

  • Visualization of the changes in key variables in production
  • Historical data storage in a distributed database
  • Pattern recognition and event diagnostics of key variables
  • Prediction about future data points

Talk to us about how Dashboard Analytics can be used to unlock the data in your business and how condition-based and predictive monitoring can transform the operational integrity of your industrial processes.

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