Flowrate Measurement

The challenge of accurately monitoring flow on either water pipes (including produced water in the oil and gas industry) and crude oil pipelines has been a challenge from the start. The early stage identification of leakage (caused by accidental damage, misuse, structural failure, sabotage, vandalism or theft) requires precision real-time information which, to be meaningful, must be contextual.

Multiple SCADA systems generating significant quantities of data already exist on pipeline infrastructure installations, which will be blended as correlated data within the Dashboard Cloud data analysis engine to provide a holistic view of asset performance/behaviours.

Furthermore, whilst flow gauges have been in existence for as long as pipeline infrastructure, accuracy/resilience can be a problem, particularly in respect of the enormous complexity of phased flow within crude oil pipelines and the requirement for accurate back allocation statistics. To meet this challenge Dashboard has drawn upon extensive experience/knowledge in the field of ultrasonics to create a unique approach to high-resolution flow rate measurement and fluid dynamics in the form of the Limpet Collar

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